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What is the function of

Resolved Question:

What is the function of erectile tissue in the male reproductive system and how is it supplied with blood?

Which reproductive cell determines the genetic sex of the offspring when fertilization occurs?

What is the primary product of the liver with respect to the digestive system? What does the product do and how is this product stored mad released into the digestive system?

Discuss the views normally taken of the equine carpus. For each view give the view name and describe the position of the X-ray tube in relation to the animal for better understanding.

State three ways a permanent label may be placed on a radiograph. For each state the procedure for doing so.

You were supposed to place the film in the holding tray but instead put it on top of the table during the exposure. Why would this affect the outcome of the image?

Explain where intensifying screens are located, their function, and how to care for them.

List the cranial and caudal landmarks for an abdominal film.

Explain how to position an animal for a craniocaudal elbow view.

There's a difference in the animal position and the X-ray tube position when performing the ventrodorsal cervical spine view as compared to other routine spinal views. Explain these differences and why they are done.

When performing a GI series, there are two medical situations when a contrast agent other than barium should be considered for use. Explain what these situations are and why barium would not be a good choice.

How does computed tomography work? Is it available in most veterinary hospitals and why or why not?

There's a special pelvic radiograph not requiring a distractor taken to evaluate hips. Name the view and describe how the animal is positioned.

You have the following info. Use for the next 3 questions.
Maintenance fluid rate is 1ml per pound body weight per hour.
1kg = 2.2 pounds
1kg = 1 liter of water
A 22lb dog that has had diarrhea and vomiting for the last 24 hours arrives at your clinic. The dog acts as if it's going into shocks and is at least 10% dehydrated.

How much fluid is needed to rehydrate this animal?

How much fluid is required to maintain the animal due to sensible and insensible losses. For the first 24 hours?

If the animal vomits 200 cc of fluid and passes about 300 cc of diarrhea in the first 24 hours what are the ongoing losses for the first 24 hours?

A man walks into your clinic and wants to buy heartworm preventative for his pet. Can you sell him this medication? What conditions need to be satisfied to allow this sale?

Name the different classes of controlled drugs. What information is needed to log these drugs appropriately?

Discuss briefly why animals bought for food consumption can't be given some drugs. What branch of government regulates drug use in animals?

What are the five rights for drug administration?

What are the routes through which a healthy small animal takes in and excretes water?

Why would you avoid use of thiobarbiturates in thin animals or sight hounds?

What are the principles of respiratory therapeutics?

For what is an antitussive used? Give one example.
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Expert:  Merricats replied 5 years ago.
I can help you with this--is it okay if I get your answers to you by tomorrow?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes mam that's fine. Thank you
Expert:  Merricats replied 5 years ago.

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