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food is very important but when eating, if my food is not presented

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food is very important but when eating, if my food is not presented on my plate in a decent way, I am turned off from eating. This is the same for content, content is the meat but how it’s presented affects the reader. A professional document should have all three: presentation, style, and content. What's are your thoughts? Spreadsheets are often used in presentation, have you ever used spreadsheets for this purpose?

Joanne :


Joanne :

I do agree that a professional document should have presentation, style and content. In order to effectively convey information, the document needs to first capture the attention of the reader. As such, this is when presentation and style matters because they accept the perceptions of the reader. If the reader finds the presentation a turn-off or unprofessional, the communication will never be effective even if the content of the document is detailed and solid. In addition, it is necessary that the document is carefully and clearly structured so that the reader can follow the information detailed as well as pick out the key points easily. This will help to enhance the understanding of the information in the document. In addition, presentation and style is not enough to win over readers. Discerning readers will require messages, information or arguments to be supported with evidence. As such, this demonstrates the importance of content. Therefore, a professional document needs to have the three key factors- style, presentation and content in order to be effectively communicated. When presenting, a possible tool to use will be spreadsheets. Spreadsheets allow users to classify and present information clearly. As such, it allows the user to communicate and present the information more effectively to the intended users. Besides the use of spreadsheets for presentation, I also use spreadsheets for other purposes such as to tidy up my own reports and notes so that I can better grasp the data and information I have on hand.

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