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When using a current transformer to measure household current

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When using a current transformer to measure household current consumption, what, if any, relationship does the current transformer output have to the angle of the wire passing through the current transformer core?
No, there is no relationship between the current transformer output and the angle of the wire passing through the transformer core. The only requirement is that conductor should pass through the transformer core so that magnetic flux produced by the wire passes through the core and induces emf in the secondary winding wound on the core. Magnetic coupling should be as strong as possible.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That is my understanding as well, but I need some references or mathematical backing to justify the position. Is there a function that can be used to show that all current carried by the wire generates magnetic flux that is captured by the magnetic core than surrounds it, no matter the angle? Or something to demonstrate the symmetry of position that results from a loop around a wire?
The counter-argument I trying to put down is that since the magnetic field around a hypothetical infinite wire depends on the cosine of the angle between the wire and the "slice" taken, that the real transformer core is also sensitive to this property.
I believe the difference could be explained in that transformers deal in loops, not infinite straight wires, but perhaps there are other approaches.
OK, I will try to give references and other explanations. Kindly indicate dead line.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Any time before the weekend works for me. Thanks!
OK. I will try to reply today itself.

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