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4 Paragraphs to answer 2 Biology questions $15 Bonus! Angiosperms

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4 Paragraphs to answer 2 Biology questions $15 Bonus!

Angiosperms (flowering plants) are the largest Phylum in the plant kingdom Plantae. These plants have true roots, stems, leaves, and flowers. The roots grow into the soil to anchor the plant in place and take up water and nutrients. The leaves are above ground and act as the main organs for photosynthesis. Stems provide above ground support for the plant and operate as conduits to move nutrients and water throughout the plant. Flowers contain the male and female reproductive organs of the plant.

Assignment details:

With these anatomical features in mind, do research to find an angiosperm species that has structural modifications to leaves, stems, roots, or flowers that result in adaptive functions. For example, a California Barrel Cactus has spines in place of leaves to reduce water loss.

Discuss the following in your answer:

Identify the angiosperm species and describe the structural modification.

Explain how this specific structural modification (adaptation) to leaves, stems, roots, or flowers helps the plant to live and survive in its environment.

Joanne :


Joanne :

your title says 2 biology questions but only 1 question has been posted. Are you referring to the two parts of the same question?

Joanne :

Hi please download your answer here


i can only access this format on my phone can you switch formats so i can accept please?

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Ok format switched :)