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Joanne, Tutor
Category: Homework
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Experience:  BSc (Hons) Political Science
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For Joanne) can you help me with this one? Research dollars

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For Joanne) can you help me with this one? Research dollars are scarce and it is always controversial how best to spend them. If you controlled those dollars, which model of the cause and treatment of psychological disorders would you fund the most? Which would get the fewest dollars? Explain the reasons for your decisions. It's not due till Thursday, before midnight

Joanne : Sure thanks for the request!

as always I appreciate your help

Joanne :

no problem :) Anyway, is there a required length for the response?


I have been trying to get back with you to let you know that their is no requirement length normally just 250-300 words


Joanne, do think I will have it before tonight Central time (9:13 AM here in Texas) please

Joanne : Yup, I'm posting in a bit!
Joanne :

Please download here


Thanks you

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