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Kathy, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Elementary teacher for 16 years Bilingual Spanish English and with a Psychology Masters
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Kathy, pease provide a response to classmates post, question

Resolved Question:

Kathy, pease provide a response to classmates post, question 4 of 6. due tomorrow: I think Alec showed great skill and planning for his upcoming class. Taking the time to go over each students file and getting to know them and their skills before meeting them is a great way to get started. I think Alec’s followed up with the students is also very appropriate. Asking general questions to see what they remembered from the previous year is a good observational tool. This led him to believe he needed to do further assessments to see where he needed to start with his lesson plans.

I think the discrepancy in the test scores and Alec’s assessment is due to summer break. When material is fresh in a student’s brain they are better able to recall facts and information. The teacher had probably been reviewing with them up till the day of the test. Alec gave them an assessment after a 3 month break. I’m sure not many of them spent the summer reviewing school work. If I were Alec I would use the assessment results and form my lesson plans according to what the students need to review. They may not need weeks on every subject, but a refresher course just to bring back things they had already been taught. When he feels the material is retained well he can move on the next topic and continue until his introducing new material. I feel this will work because it is pointless to start teaching new material when the students can’t remember the old material. In many cases one skill builds on the next so it’s important the students start at the beginning and build up.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

Kathy :

I will complete on a timely manner. Thanks

Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

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