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1. The musical instrument referred to as the "King of Instruments"

Customer Question

1. The musical instrument referred to as the "King of Instruments" is the
A. human voice.
B. organ.
C. violin.
D. tuba.
2. Another word for "round" is
A. gigue.
B. rhapsody.
C. canon.
D. sarabande.
3. The form of the melody called the bar form is represented by
4. A da capo aria opens with two contrasting sections, A and B. What will the singer do after singing the B
A. Go to the C section
B. Repeat the B section
C. Sing the A section again
D. End the aria
5. What is the difference between an oratorio and an opera?
A. An opera is staged and an oratorio isn't.
B. An oratorio doesn't include an aria and an opera does.
C. The opera is based on a sacred topic and an oratorio isn't.
D. An oratorio doesn't include recitatives.
6. Handel's Messiah is classified as a/an
A. opera.
B. cantata.
C. chorale.
D. oratorio.
7. Music work performed in a series is called a/an
A. allemande.
B. sonata.
C. suite.
D. fugue.
8. The main theme of a fugue is called the
A. episode.
B. subject.
C. melody.
D. exposition.
9. The _______ is a musical form that utilizes multiple soloists.
A. sarabande
B. Gothic motet
C. chorale prelude
D. concerto grosso
10. The use of two violins and a basso continuo forms which combination of music?
A. Sonata da camera
B. Trio sonata
C. Sonata da chiesa
D. Cantata
11. The Baroque period began around the year
A. 1600.
B. 1500.
C. 1050.
D. 1750.
12. Handel's first operatic hit, which premiered in London in 1711, was
A. Giulio Cesare.
B. Rinaldo.
C. Saul.
D. Four Seasons.
13. An instruments-only piece played at the opening of an opera is known as a/an
A. overture.
B. prima prattica.
C. procession.
D. aria.
14. The most popular oratorio is
A. Aeneas.
B. Messiah.
C. Der Messias.
D. Orpheus.
15. The rigaudon is a fast, often cheerful dance in _______ meter.
A. duple
B. triple
C. single
D. ternary
16. The first opera to win widespread acclaim was
A. Monteverdi's Orpheus.
B. Handel's Rinaldo.
C. Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.
D. Handel's Messiah.
17. The group of instruments accompanying a solo singer in an opera is known collectively as the
A. orchestra.
B. chorus.
C. basso continuo.
D. harmonic ensemble.
18. A style of vocal music that's a cross between singing and speaking is commonly referred to as
A. recitative.
B. gigue.
C. pavane.
D. polychoral.
19. A _______ performance usually requires the musicians to embellish the part written for them.
A. passacaglia
B. canzona
C. virtuoso
D. transcripted
20. When instruments double the voices by playing the same notes sung by a chorus, the music is
considered to have
End of exam
A. unified timbre.
B. contrasting timbre.
C. paired movement.
D. syncopation.
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