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1. A valid argument is one that, if its premises are accepted

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1. A valid argument is one that, if its premises are accepted as true, has (Points : 1)
a false conclusion.
a vague conclusion.
a pointless conclusion.
a true conclusion.

2. "All dogs hate cats. Sirius is a dog. So Sirius hates cats" is an example of a (Points : 1)
sound inductive argument.
valid deductive argument.
invalid inductive argument.
weak deductive argument.

3. Human reasoning tends to use a mixture of both (Points : 1)
oil and vinegar.
induction and deduction.
induction and reduction.
reduction and deduction.

4. One way to make an inductive argument stronger is to (Points : 1)
ignore the argument.
offer more reasons to support the conclusion.
call the argument something in Latin.
call the argument a deductive argument.

5. In logic, arguments are never described as (Points : 1)

6. Even if an inductive argument is extremely strong, its conclusion may still (Points : 1)
be false.
be necessarily true.
be ungrammatical.
fail to be syntactically well-formed.

7. "10 is less than 100; 100 is less than 1,000; consequently, 10 is less than 1,000" is an example of a (Points : 1)
sound deductive argument.
valid inductive argument.
sound inductive argument.
weak inductive argument.

8. A "good" deductive argument must at least be (Points : 1)
an argument with four premises.
a valid argument.
an inductive argument.
an interesting argument.

9. A sound argument is a valid deductive argument with actually ___________________ premises. (Points : 1)

10. Inductive arguments are evaluated in terms of (Points : 1)

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