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DQ2-Hi Kimberly, Awesome job on the DQ. Definitely

Resolved Question:

DQ2-Hi Kimberly,

Awesome job on the DQ.

Definitely sounds like you are more than fully prepared to help an individual when needed in an emergency ! I respect your judgment in this arena.

I too concur that we as individuals interpret the truth differently and based on our past experiences come to different conclusions on what we have observed.

Hopefully was as UOP graduates and soon to be graduates take a deeper look at what is actually happening and make our own decisions based upon the best of our ability.

Just curious, what means or method would you recommend to others to help polish their critical thinking skills?


DQ2-Melissa writes: "I think there are many different reasons how one situation happens yet there are many different views. I think one big reason comes back to ethics and that is whether the truth is being told or not. There are many people who say they are honest people and are telling the truth yet still don't. I think another reason is how a person views another. For example, everyone is different and if you have a situation where to people are arguing and you ask the witness what happened. The witness states that both were talking disrespectful to each other yet the parties involve one of them doesn't realize or acknowledge they were talking disrespectful because they are from a different state or country and that is how they have always talked. Just like ethics and morals not everyone is raised the same therefore not everyone is going to see a situation the same as another."

Excellent points that you make above.

I do agree that we all have different views of what we observe. With that said, we as UOP graduates and soon to be graduates should be willing to look at others points of view and openly discuss what we see.

Being a skilled critical decision maker does take some time and practice. However, we can polish our critical decision making skills by ensuring we are fully informed about what we are observing and look deeply past the surface of what we see. Not accepting things at face value is a sign of a skilled critical thinker.


DQ1-Hi Jennifer,

I fully concur that folks must be aware of what they are posting on FB.....after they hit enter, it seems the whole world can then view their postings.

Hopefully, we as UOP graduates and soon to be graduates are willing to take full responsibility of what we post online for others to view.


DQ1-Hi Barry,

Without a doubt you have the best interest for the patient. That's great.

I would want to be a patient on your watch so I would know that I would receive the best care possible.

Looking out for others and ensuring the right actions are being taken is what it's all about whether its in a health care facility or other business entity.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Alex replied 5 years ago.

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