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7. The "proper" sphere for middle class white women in the

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7. The "proper" sphere for middle class white women in the 19''' century was
A)home and family
C)family and career.
D)labor outside the home.
E)business or art schools.
8 Which of the following was NOT a major reformer in pre-Civil War America,
A)Dorothea Dix
B)Horace Mann
C)William Lloyd Garrison
D)Alexis Toqueville
E)Sojourner Truth
9. Americans moved westward in the 1830s and 1840s for all the following reasons EXCEPT
A)fertile land
B)economic opportunity
C)religious freedom.
D)loyalty to Mexico.
E)a sense of adventure
10, Which of the following was an important premise of Manifest Destiny?
A)God supported American expansion
B)the notion of free development
C)population growth required new territories
D)none of the above
E)all of the above
11. James Polk went to war with Mexico
A)to retaliate for harsh Mexican t- eatrnent of Texans
B)to protect the southern border of the United States.
C)to force the cession of New Mexico and California.
D) to prevent Mexico from reconquering Texas.
E) to distract Americans from other domestic issues
12. The growth of American industry in the 1830s and 1840s was NOT influenced by
A)transition to a factory setting.
B)development of mass production.
C)discovery of new natural resources.
D)use of interchangeable parts
E)payment of cash wages.
13. Which of the following was NOT an essential element of the factory system?
A)a supervised work force
B)the use of interchangeable parts
C)payment of cash wages
D)production of each product by a single worker
E)location of the workforce in a single location
14. The Wilmot Proviso sought to
A)ban slavery from all territories acquired fro Mexico.
B)end the Mexican War.
C)guarantee the existence of slavery in the territories.
D) limit territorial expansion.
E)simplify the Kansas-Nebraska Act.
15. On the issue of slavery. the Republican Party prior to the Civil War defended the rights of
B)the South.
D)free labor.
E)slave owners
16. A smaller civil war. which pre-dated the war between the states, was fought in the 1850s in which state?
D)South Carolina
17. In the 1850s, the most important example of literary abolitionism was
A)Uncle Tom's Cabin.
B)Moby Dick
C)The Contrast.
D)The Raven.
E)Cannibals All.
18. In the beginning, the Civil War was
A)a struggle to free the slaves.
B)a struggle to preserve the Union.
C)a contest for sectional supremacy.
D)a personal struggle between Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.
E)a struggle to preserve "King Cotton "
19. The Emancipation Proclamation freed
A)all African Americans.
B)only slaves in loyal border states.
C)only slaves under control of the Confederacy.
D) only slaves under the control of the Union armies.
E) all slaves.
20. As the nation emerged from the Civil War
A)it had changed little since 1861.
B)it had paid an enormous human and economic price for the war.
C)the impact of the war on Northern workers was clear.
D)the federal government remained unclear about its relationship with the states.
E)the newly freed slaves prospered.
21 Abraham Lincoln's reconstruction plans were committed to
A) punish the South for provoking the Civil War.
B) racial equality for freedmen.
C) sharing with Congress the decisions in establishing reconstruction policy.
D) rapid readmission of Southern states to the Union.
E) protecting the rights of African Americans.
22. Black Codes showed that
A) Southerners were willing to allow African Americans legal equality.
B) Southerners wanted to return freedmen to positions of servility.
C) Southerners were interested in improving the education of freedmen
D) Freedmen would be allowed to vote and participate in the political process.
E) the idea of separate but equal" was already established.
23. XXXXX XXXXX was impeached by the House of Representatives for violating the A) Civil Rights Act of 1866.
B) Alien and Sedition Acts.
C)Wade-Davis Bill.
D)14th Amendment.
E)Tenure Office Act.
24. Which of the following was NOT a scandal during the Grant Administration?
A) Teapot Dome
B) The Whiskey Ring
C) Credit Mobilier
D) Indian trading posts
E) Belknap "cover up'
25. The result of the disputed election of 1876 was significant because it
A)was the last Radical victory.
B)marked the end of Reconstruction.
C)marked the beginning of Democratic Party dominance.
D)demonstrated the power of southern African American voters.
E)was resolved quickly and relatively painlessly.

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