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DQ1- Cynthia states: "A good example of business ethics portrayed

Customer Question

DQ1- Cynthia states: "A good example of business ethics portrayed on TV, the movies, and in the media is the news media themselves. I have a lot of respect for the way the news reporters interact with the public when interviewing them and the questions that are asked during the reports. Also, news reporters are very unlikely to share their personal lives on national television without measure. The ethics portrayed of very professional in all situations, including inclement weather and disastrous times. It is possible that behind the cameras, there is a lot of immorality that is not made known to the public; but very unlikely. Certainly there must be moments of unethical situations that may occur in the workplace during some time or another, but what is portrayed is very professional and ethically correct. The same goes for the White House staff and President of the United States; professional business ethics is portrayed on television and in the media."

Definitely sounds like you have an awesome grasp on ethics and how they are intertwined within the media.

Just curious how we can help close the gap within the media in regards XXXXX XXXXX -vs- unethical behavior?
DQ2- Laura-Yes a manager can be effective but not be a leader. He may know how to budget, know the amount of employees needed for the job, but not be able to get behind the employees to give them the motivation to work to their ability. A leader is one you can go to with a problem and they help problem solve, ask the employees for their input, and are truthful with you when troubles arise.
For instance Ron stole a few narcotics from the pyxis system and was caught. He was fired. A manager should have found out if Ron was addicted and needed help. Instead she assumed he was a dealer or needed the money. The manager should have offered drug rehab and given him time off. If he passed the rehab he could come back to work with random drug screening and no access to narcotics.
I do see you point about Ron; however many organizations have a zero tolerance policy.
Just curious, who has had the biggest impact in regards XXXXX XXXXX leader in your organization? Why?
DQ2-Kimberly writes: "Ethical expectations should be clearly defined and lined out for staff because ethical standards are not the same for everyone. To be a successful business, the public must view the business to have ethical practices."

In regards XXXXX XXXXX clearly defined expectations in regards XXXXX XXXXX standards, where does employees go within your organization to find them?

DQ1-Mary writes: "Ethics to me means having a standard set of moral values, personally and professionally. Ethical behavior to me is mainly a common sense approach to dilemmas in life and in the business world."

Good points that you bring up in regards XXXXX XXXXX and how they impact our daily lives. Many of us take ethics as a grain of salt; however, we as educated folks should strive to ensure that our workplace and daily lives has a high degree of ethics and integrity.

Just curious, who had the biggest impact your ethical decision making progress?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Alex replied 5 years ago.

Alex :

3 questions? Looks like it's just commenting on the other's discussion points?

Customer: Four DQ responses I need tonight
Alex :

Here are your 4 DQ Answers.

Alex :

Alex :

Thanks, Alex

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Good Evening I need your help I just need the first two questions tonight.
Expert:  Alex replied 5 years ago.
Hi, will take a look. Thanks!