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getsetgo, MBA
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I need help with my principles of management exam. It is multiple

Resolved Question:

I need help with my principles of management exam. It is multiple choice. It is 70 questions and I will break them down into groups of 10 to accept.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  getsetgo replied 5 years ago.

getsetgo :


getsetgo :

Are you seeking help from some specific expert?If you wish, I would like to help you

getsetgo :

I can start working on it now


ok, here is how it is going to work. I am going to send you 10 questions at a time. You will have 12 mins to get those 10 questions back to me

getsetgo :

well, so all 70 questions need to be answered in 1 go?

getsetgo :

we can start

getsetgo :

just one more qs, will you list 7 separate questions 1 after one?


First I will send 10 questions in here, you will have 12mins. to answer those 12. you will send the answers back. I will accept the 10. Immediately after that, I will open up another question with the next 10. We have to be very prompted, because the test is timed. Also, that way you will get paid for each set of 10 questions.

getsetgo :


getsetgo :

got it


You're ready

getsetgo :


getsetgo :

are you there


Actually you will have 20 mins on each set of 10 questions. I had the timing wrong. Which of the following prescriptions for effectively motivating high performance is suggested by Michael LeBoeuf?

Conform to the majority opinion.
Create exhaustive solutions to account for every outcome.
Focus on quantity to create volume.
Use quick fixes so that stock price won't suffer.
Be quietly effective rather than the "squeaky wheel."

2. (2)The performance-to-outcome link in expectancy theory is called

Hygiene-motivation linkage.

3. (2)The need found at the bottom of Maslow's hierarchy is


4. (2)According to Maslow, a(n) ________ need describes a need for friendship, affection, belonging, and love.

safety or security

5. (2)According to Maslow's need hierarchy,

One can never be fully satisfied.
Higher-level needs are more important than lower-level needs.
People are motivated to satisfy lower-level needs before higher level needs.
Once a need is satisfied, it becomes a powerful motivator.
Unsatisfied needs cause permanent dissatisfaction.

6. (2)According to Maslow, the average person is only 10 percent self-actualized. The implication from this for managers is to

Fully satisfy lower-level needs so that employees are motivated toward self-actualization.
Gain specific information on what each employee considers personal fulfillment.
Assign pay levels that are commensurate with employee needs as well as employee performance.
Create an environment that provides autonomy, responsibility, and challenging assignments.
Realize that employee needs are not likely to be met at the workplace.

7. (2)Achievement, affiliation, personalized power, and socialized power are all components of

ERG theory.
Path-goal theory.
Maslow's hierarchy.
McClelland's needs.
Social theory.

8. (2)People who are likely to respond most positively to job enrichment are those who have

A low growth need strength.
Low expectations.
Below-average skills.
A high growth need strength.
High expectations.

9. (2)Empowerment encourages what set of beliefs among employees?

Clarity, power, self-confidence, reinforcement.
Meaning, competence, self-determination, impact.
Information, knowledge, rewards.
Earning, refinement, understanding.
Professionalism, perfection, mobility.

10. (2)An empowered workforce

Increases hidden costs.
Improves quality and service.
Maintains personal power at top levels.
Applies socialized power to lower levels.
All of these.

Expert:  getsetgo replied 5 years ago.

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