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Hi Dxj Pls help Due on wednesday 4/25/12 What separates

Resolved Question:

Hi Dxj Pls help

Due on wednesday 4/25/12

What separates successful health promotion programs from those that fail to meet their goals? It often comes down to whether the program was well-planned in the first place—whether the program planners accurately assessed the needs of the identified population, applied appropriate theories when designing program activities, or made use of evaluation results to improve a program's original design. To prepare for this week's Discussion, review how program planning is implemented at your practicum site.

Answer Questions below in 250-350 words:

1) Describe how lessons from PUBH 6235: Program Design, Planning, and Evaluation were used in your practicum.
-My practicum agency health promotion programs provide personalized health-management support and services , lots of data is collected via survey and reported health data, of the focus community of a client employees. Health promotion programs are then designed to fit their needs to the best of their abilities, for example, they provide educations, providers and access to facilities for members, esp in rural locations.

2) Were you involved in program planning, or were you asked to carry out a program that had already been planned?
-I was involved in prog planning, assisted in small data collection, data evaluation and assisted in presenting plan to client. And helped in planning several annual volunteer work. All planning utilized URAC and Healthy people 2020 tools for health promotion and prevention.

3) What should be done differently in program planning at your agency?
-They should get a lot more customer input to ensure what matters the most to customer are implemented.


1) Anderson, L., Brownson, R., Fullilove, M., Teutsch, S., Novick, L., & Fielding, J. (2005). Evidence-based public health policy and practice: Promises and limits. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 28(5S), 226–230. Retrieved from

2) Logan, J., Beatty, M., Woliver, R., Rubinstein, E., & Averbach, A. (2005). Creating a bridge between data collection and program planning: A technical assistance model to maximize the use of HIV/AIDS surveillance and service utilization data for planning purposes. AIDS Education & Prevention, 17, 68–78.
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