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Matching Term or Concept with Definitions /Association (TERMS

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Matching Term or Concept with Definitions /Association
1. ATP (adenosine triiphosphate)
2. chromosome
3. Crossing over
4. Gamete
5. Gene
6. Germ Cells
7. Genome
8. Meiosis
9. Mitosis
10. Translation
11. Transcription
12. Genotype

(Definitions /Association)
a. DNA molecule with attached proteins
b. a haploid cell that combines with another haploid cell during fertilization
c. a specific portion of a chromosome that contains information for a particular inherited trait
d. a type of cell whose primary function is the formatin of gametes for sexual reproduction
e. an interaction during meiosis in which chromatids exchange segments, results in genetic recombination
f. nucleotide that drives most energy-requiring metabolic reaction
g. the allelic makeup that is responsible for a particular phenotype displayed by an individual
h. the synthesis of mRNA from a DNA template
i. the type of cell division which is used in asexual reproduction and tissue growth and repair
j. the type of cell division responsibile for gamete formation and sexual reproduction
k. all the DNA of an organiism including its genes

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