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Particulate matter (PM) such as sawmill dust is an example

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Particulate matter (PM) such as sawmill dust is an example of a (Points : 1)
volatile organic compound.
reactive hydrocarbon.
primary pollutant.
secondary pollutant.

2. The goals of the 1963 Clean Air Act (and subsequent amendments) included all of the following except (Points : 1)
limiting the sources of air toxics.
protecting and improving visibility impairment in wilderness areas.
reducing emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).
decreasing the use of chemicals that deplete the stratospheric O3 layer.

3. Why is it difficult to regulate and control non-point source water pollution? (Points : 1)
The Clean Water Act does not cover non-point sources.
They come from concrete, identifiable locations.
There are very few non-point sources compared to point sources.
They come from disparate locations that can be difficult to identify.

4. Chronic asthma, when caused by air pollution, is most likely due to (Points : 1)
short-term pollutant exposure.
long-term pollutant exposure.
the weather during an episode of pollutant exposure.
exposure to a certain kind of pollutant.

5. New technologies for emissions reduction and air quality monitoring are most likely born from (Points : 1)
observation and journaling.
research and development.
data analysis.

6. Sustainable development requires (Points : 1)
one set of values and goals that will inspire change.
a specific definition to be successful.
less critique and debate.
participation of diverse stakeholders and perspectives.

7. How many acres of open space does James Gustave Speth say the United States loses each day? (Points : 1)

8. Which of the following statements most closely defines the frontier ethic? (Points : 1)
Humans are part of nature.
The Earth has an unlimited supply of resources.
Human ingenuity cannot solve the problems posed by limited resources.
The needs of animals and ecosystems must be considered when exploring new areas.

9. Most public policy decisions (Points : 1)
are made based on what voters want.
include substantial risks.
avoid risks entirely.
involve a balance of risks and benefits.

10. The author recommends building a new environmental movement by doing all of the following except (Points : 1)
relying on the environmental discourse generated by lawyers, scientists, and economists.
addressing the crises of social and economic inequality.
covering the full range of political and social issues that affect environmentalism.
changing corporate goals and values.

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