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Christopher mentions including a pivot table and graph on the

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Christopher mentions including a pivot table and graph on the worksheet itself versus a separate worksheet. What are your thoughts on doing this? Would you prefer that data and charts be separate or together?
Hi. Thanks for your question.

It actually depends on how much underlying data there is. If it's just a few lines, say, 10 or so, then it's probably OK to have it together, because the data itself is the best way to show the distribution of the numbers. But any more than that, and I think the data should go on its own sheet, and the interpretation of that data - the tables, graphs, and charts - should go on a different page. At that point the raw data is just clutter that doesn't need to be looked at for interpretation, so it's better to keep the summary sheets clean and only have the underlying data for reference if needed.

Kind regards,
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Spreadsheets and databases are similar in the way they process and store data - yet they're also very different. When would you use one over the other when creating a model?

Hi. Thanks for requesting me again!

This is a new question, not a followup to the last one. I'm happy to respond, but please accept the previous question first, thank you!

Can you provide any context about what kind of "model" is meant?

Kind regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Trying to accept answer, but keep getting message that says, " We are having trouble on this site. I will continue to try.


Model such as one-time decision model, decision-support models, models embedded in computer systems, models used in business education.


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