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Match the following levels of measurement in column 1 with

Customer Question

Match the following levels of measurement in column 1 with the items in column 2, state whether each is qualitative or quantitative, and the reasons why you chose each level of measurement for each item.
1 2
Ordinal Types of trees
Continuous Blades of grass on front lawn
Discrete Finishing order in horse race
Nominal Time difference for two runners

Question 2
USA Today conducted a survey asking readers, “What is the most hilarious thing that has ever happened to you en route to or during a business trip?”

a. What kind of sampling method is this?

b. Are the results likely to be biased? Explain
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for the question.


1. Ordinal -- Finishing order in horse race. Qualitative measure. Ordinal measurement places items in ranked order where the order matters but not the difference between values.

Continuous -- Time difference for two runners. Quantitative measure. Continuous level of measurement refers to outcomes that are continuously variable. That is, there is always a point in between, as with measurements of time where minutes can be divided into seconds, seconds into tenths of seconds, hundreds of seconds, and so forth.

Discrete -- Blades of grass on front lawn. Quantitative measure. Discrete levels of measurement refer to values that are distinct and separate, i.e., they can be counted (1,2,3...).

Nominal -- Types of trees. Qualitative. Level of measurement that merely categorizes variables. Nominal data can be counted, but not ordered or measured.


2. This would be an example of convenience sampling. This is where subjects are drawn at the convenience of the reseacher. There is no attempt made to make sure that the sample is representative of a population as a whole. Therefore, the results may probably be biased in some way, such as representing the views of an inordinate percentage of 24-36-year-old, white males (or whatever the primary demographic characteristics of the USA Today readers happen to be.) The survey would be non-scientific and primarily of an entertaining factoid nature..


Hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Chris,

I have a follow up question?

In Q2 can you identifiy and classify at least 1 variable?
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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