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Question 1 __________ occurs when the number of demanding

Resolved Question:

Question 1
__________ occurs when the number of demanding roles a person holds is so high that the person simply cannot perform some or all of the roles very effectively.
A. Time pressure
B. Daily hassles
C. Role overload
D. Role ambiguity

Question 2
Which of the following is a work hindrance stressor?
A. Time pressure
B. Positive life events
C. Role overload
D. Work complexity

Question 3
Other than the job of a __________, all these jobs are rated as being highly stressful.
A. firefighter
B. lumberjack
C. real estate agent
D. librarian

Question 4
The particular demands that cause people to experience stress are called:
A. stressors.
B. Type C demands.
C. strains.
D. burnouts.

Question 5
Jodi works at a local coffee shop, and is proficient in her role. Her daily responsibilities include brewing five different types of coffee, keeping them fresh, and serving them to customers. These types of job demands are called:
A. primary appraisal demands.
B. job sharing.
C. role overload.
D. benign job demands.

Question 6
Which of the following refers to conflicting expectations that other people may have of us?
A. Time pressure
B. Daily hassles
C. Role overload
D. Role conflict

Question 7
Rita is a new employee at ABC International. She has not been around long enough to receive instructions from her supervisors or observe and model the behaviors of more senior colleagues. When asked to come up with a project proposal for a government grant, Rita is more likely to experience:
A. work-family conflict.
B. daily hassles.
C. nonwork challenge stressors.
D. role ambiguity.

Question 8
Work-family tension is a special form of:
A. time pressure.
B. daily hassles.
C. role overload.
D. role conflict.

Question 9
When Randy encounters stressors, his secondary appraisal would center on the issue of:
A. "Is this stressful?"
B. "Do I want this?"
C. "How can I cope?"
D. "Can someone else take it?'

Question 10
Which of the following is NOT an example of problem-focused coping?
A. Seeking assistance from co-workers
B. Self-motivation
C. Acquiring additional resources
D. Engaging in alternative activities

Question 11
GAS represents:
A. general adaptation syndrome.
B. global ancillary stress.
C. geriatric anatomy system.
D. global and systematic approach.

Question 12
The second stage of the GAS is:
A. stage of exhaustion.
B. stage of denial.
C. stage of resistance.
D. training interventions.

Question 13
As an alternative to managing stressors, many organizations use __________ that reduce strains.
A. compressed workweek
B. relaxation techniques
C. on-site child care
D. primary performance appraisal

Question 14
Which of these techniques attempt to help people appraise and cope with stressors in a more rational manner?
A. Compressed workweek
B. Relaxation
C. Psychodynamic psychotherapy
D. Cognitive-behavioral

Question 15
Which of these refers to the help people receive when that can be used to address the stressful demand directly?
A. Instrumental support
B. Physiological support
C. Emotional support
D. Psychological support

Question 16
Research reveals that strains have __________ effect on job performance.
A. no
B. a strong negative
C. a strong positive
D. a moderately negative

Question 17
Tammy is an advising center expert at a local college. Her job is to help students in course selection and stay on target for graduation. She is evaluated not only on how many students she sees on a daily basis, but also on how effective she is in helping students make their selection. Tammy tends to get stressed about the quantity and quality issues in her job. Tammy is experiencing which of the following?
A. Daily hassles
B. Role conflict
C. Role insufficiency
D. Role ambiguity

Question 18
Which of the following refers to the degree to which the requirements of the work, in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities, tax or exceed the capabilities of the person who is responsible for performing the work
A. Work responsibility
B. Time pressure
C. Work complexity
D. Role conflict

Question 19. Research reveals that strains have __________ effect on organizational commitment.
A. no
B. a strong negative
C. a strong positive
D. a moderately negative

Question 20
__________ refers to the nature of the obligations that a person has to others.

A. Negative life events
B. Time pressure
C. Work complexity
D. Work responsibility
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Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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