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Can someone please help me with an annotated bibliography?

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Can someone please help me with an annotated bibliography? Here are my sources....some are found in elibrary databases...I am sick and can't get it done.

Auerbach, M.P. (2010). The Health Care Reform Act of 2010. Health Care Reform Act of 2010-Research Starters Business, 1-6

Beavers, James (2010). Health Care Reform Adds New Taxes. Tax Advisor May 2010, Vol. 41 Issue 5, p359-364, 5p (from Ebscohost)

Cass, Connie (2012). America's Health Care Reform Through History. Middletown Journal

Guest, Jim (n.d.) The Affordable Health Care Act: The First Year. ConsumersUnion

Hallinan, Eric R. (2010). Healthcare Reform and You: Here's what the much-ballyhooed law will mean for you business. Reeves Journal 90.5 (May 2010): 14-15

Perry, Phillip M. (2010). Making Way for Tomorrow. (cover story). LP/Gas, 70910) 27-32 from ebscohost

This is due asap...please help.
Hello! I would be glad to assist you with this assignment. Do the annotations need to be a required length? Is there a particular slant or idea your essay is supposed to be supporting? Also, should the style be MLA or APA?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes APA length of 100-150 words.. my paper is discussing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). i have uploaded a copy of the paper for your convenience...


can you have this finished tonight? like by 10 P.M. Central time.....thanks so much

I will have it done by then. I will work on it now.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
forgot to add the paper...

Attachment: 2012-04-09_232334_ellis_j_capstone_week_2.docx


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asciandwildlifebio and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Can you help me one more time. I have a expert on here that helps me quite ften but she is tied up and cant get to me until probably tomorrow. I sent her my paper (the one you helped with the bibliography) and she sent back comments...i am pressed for time and need help some things I can do myself but some of it I am totally stuck on....just message back if you can help....I will upload the paper she sent and we can go from there.



I may be able to help :) What do you need me to do?

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