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19) The reconceptualization of the contingency model by Garcia

Resolved Question:

19) The reconceptualization of the contingency model by Garcia and Fiedler is called __________ theory.

A. situational
B. cognitive resource
C. evaluative
D. cognitive dissonance

20) Which path-goal leadership style leads to greater satisfaction when tasks are ambiguous or stressful?

A. Directive
B. Supportive
C. Participative
D. Reactive

21) According the Path-Goal Theory, what leader is friendly and shows concern for the needs of followers?

A. Achievement-oriented leader
B. Laissez-faire leader
C. Participative leader
D. Supportive leader

22) Phrases such as “more cultural diversity,” “many new entrants with inadequate skills,” and “increase in aging workers” are all examples of what force for change?

A. Technology
B. World politics
C. Nature of the work force
D. Competition

23) What is a goal of planned change?

A. To change the forces of change
B. To alter the agents of change
C. To change employees’ responsibilities
D. To improve the ability to adapt to the environment

24) Using covert influence to overcome resistance to change is called what?

A. negotiation
B. education
C. coercion
D. manipulation

25) If individuals resisting change are included in making change decisions in an attempt to gain their support, what is this approach is called?

A. cooptation
B. exploitation
C. manipulation
D. education

26) Which of the following is a characteristic of organizational control?

A. Formality orientation
B. Decision orientation
C. Team orientation
D. Managerial orientation

27) What term describes the key characteristic of organizational control that addresses the degree to which employees are expected to exhibit precision?

A. accountability
B. attention to detail
C. stability
D. reactivity

28) Power is

A. a means for leaders to achieve goals
B. defined by leaders' hopes and aspirations
C. a goal in and of itself
D. not an influence on leaders' goals

29) Leaders achieve goals, and power is

A. defined by leaders’ hopes and aspirations
B. a means of achieving goals
C. a goal in and of itself
D. a strong influence on leaders’ goal

30) The most important aspect of power is probably that it _____.

A. is needed to get things done in an organization
B. is a function of dependency
C. tends to corrupt people
D. is counterproductive
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