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11. In social learning, the family, peer group, religious organizations,

Customer Question

11. In social learning, the family, peer group, religious organizations, and culture shape an individual's attitudes in a(n): (Points : 4)
direct manner
indirect manner
reciprocal manner
parallel manner
6. Emphasizing the use of inclusive language such as "partner" instead of "spouse" would be directed at what type of diversity? (Points : 4)
social status
sexual orientation

7. The perceiver's pattern of thinking or manner in which they assemble and interpret information about another person is: (Points : 4)
the strength of situational cues
cognitive structure
attitude structuring

8. Individuals possessing an internal locus of control: (Points : 4)
display high anxiety
tend to be dissatisfied on the job
prefer participative management styles
avoid greater responsibility

9. The MBTI is a: (Points : 4)
projective test that captures psychological disorders
way to identify human differences and similarities by separating behavioral tendencies or dispositions
self-report questionnaire designed to assess personality
direct index of personality

11. In social learning, the family, peer group, religious organizations, and culture shape an individual's attitudes in a(n): (Points : 4)
direct manner
indirect manner
reciprocal manner
parallel manner

12. Which of the following statements is true regarding job satisfaction and organizational commitment? (Points : 4)
They are reciprocally related.
They are strongly positively related.
Organizational commitment moderates the relationship between job satisfaction and performance.
There is a curvilinear relationship between the two variables.

13. Maslow's hierarchy of needs model begins with _____ needs and ends with _____ needs. (Points : 4)
security, social
achievement, power
power, affiliation
physiological, self-actualization

14. In the case of repeated failure under expectancy theory, an employee may: (Points : 4)
greatly increase input
raise outcome valence
reduce effort
increase effort when the likelihood of reward has dropped

15. Assume you own and operate a small printing and specialty advertising business that employs 25 persons. With increased health care costs and related insurance premiums you are contemplating the cancellation of health and hospitalization insurance for your employees. Your decision may cause your employees to become greatly concerned about: (Points : 4)
self-esteem needs
affiliation needs
safety and security needs
self-actualization needs

16. As an outcome for exceptional performance, Jeffery was provided the opportunity to make a highly visible presentation to the board of directors. However, Jeffery was extremely nervous and upset about the presentation. This consequence was viewed by Jeffery as: (Points : 4)

17. The process of establishing desired results that guide and direct behavior is known as: (Points : 4)
goal setting
outcome instrumentality
establishing input/output equity perceptions

18. A manager who reduces an employee's pay if the employee comes to work late and refrains from doing so when the employee is on time has: (Points : 4)
positively reinforced the employee's on time behavior
negatively reinforced the employee's on time behavior
utilized extinction to reduce the undesirable behavior
none of these

19. The adverse psychological, physical, behavioral, and organizational consequence that may occur as a result of stressful events is known as: (Points : 4)
the stressor
the stress response
anxiety disorder

20. The two major categories of "role stress" at work include: (Points : 4)
role conflict and role overload
role conflict and role ambiguity
role ambiguity and role overload
role overload and ethical conflict

21. Task demands include all of the following except: (Points : 4)
leadership style
lack of control
work overload

22. If one of your employees was in the early stages of expressing thoughts and feelings about a problem, especially when there may be some associated anxiety or discomfort, it would be most appropriate for you to: (Points : 4)
paraphrase the expressed thoughts and feelings
clarify implicit thoughts and feelings
reflect core feelings
make affirming contact

23. Which of the following statements is incorrect concerning reflective listening? (Points : 4)
Reflective listening emphasizes personal elements of the communication process.
Reflective listening is particularly helpful in problem-solving situations.
Reflective listening emphasizes more strongly the role of the communicator.
The listener's emphasis should be on responding to the communicator, not leading the communicator.

24. The Department of Labor has identified which interpersonal communication skill as being necessary for successful functioning in the workplace? (Points : 4)
serving clients

25. A software engineer has just discovered a major problem, which is not yet fully defined, in a large information system she is building for a very difficult customer. Her supervisor is listening to the engineer as she begins to talk through the problem. Which of the following responses would best exemplify the “reflecting of core feelings”? (Points : 4)
“I see”, “Uh-huh”.....”yes, I understand”.
“I hear that you are feeling very upset about the problem and may be worried about the customer’s reaction when you inform him”.
Extended periods of silence.
“I understand that you are concerned there may be a major problem with the information system”.
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