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Hello DXJ Pls help with one quetion Due on 4/4/12 Informatics

Resolved Question:

Hello DXJ Pls help with one quetion

Due on 4/4/12

Informatics is about more than simply data collection and distribution. Information is the currency of public health, and effective information management leads to better health for the public. In preparation for this week’s Discussion, consider the history of public health informatics and how informatics has been used to impact public health. Also, consider how your practicum setting utilizes informatics or could benefit from the use of a health informatics system.


1) Have you applied information from PUBH 6227: Health Informatics during your practicum? If so, describe the way in which these principles were applied. If not, please describe at least one way in which you might have used these principles in your practicum.

-Health Informatics is used 98% of the time at my agency, and i have also utilized HI for community or member education, gathering member info through survey, accessing member informations from several health entities such as hospitals, MD Office or surgery centers. Used to protect member health infor, used to research health infor. And the same system is used to evaluate the service we are delivering.


Moore, K., Edgar, B., & McGuinness, D. (2008). Implementation of an automated, real-time public health surveillance system linking emergency departments and health units: Rationale and methodology. CJEM: The Journal of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, 10(2), 114–119.

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