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I was wondering if you would like to help. I would need it

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I was wondering if you would like to help. I would need it by Sunday and from a guys perspective.

: Popular Literature Paper

• Choose a piece of popular fiction—novel, short story, graphic novel, or comic book—and research the material through the lens of popular culture and its effect on society.
• Prepare a 700- to 1050-word analysis that includes a critique of that work and a commentary on the influence of the work in popular culture. Address the following:

o Identify the literary production you chose to focus on. Provide a brief overview of what the piece is about, the author’s background, and how the piece fits or does not fit with other literature of that genre.

o What is the cultural significance of the work? Reflect on whether the piece is considered economically successful or if it has fan followings.

o What cultural values are reinforced or challenged in the work?

• Consider the following examples:

o How the Harry Potter novels are encouraging young adults to read
o Does the Twilight series reinforce or challenge traditional gender roles?
o The quest for truth in the novels of XXXXX XXXXX, author of The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons

Chris12 :

What time on Sunday is the assignment due? APA? Number of refs needed? Is there additional information to complete the assignment?

Customer: By 4 mountain standard time. Please add references and nO other information provided
Chris12 :

Okay, thanks I'm on it.

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