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HI Dxj This Question is due on 03/21/12 wednesday Public

Customer Question

HI Dxj

This Question is due on 03/21/12 wednesday

Public health professionals often make presentations to obtain funding, to demonstrate program effectiveness, to report program successes, or to disseminate research findings. When making presentations, it is important to recognize who you are addressing. Presenting to a board of directors is different than presenting to a focus group or to legislators. Presenting research findings to stakeholders interested in knowing if a public health intervention has been successful requires yet another set of considerations. Therefore, public health professionals must understand their audience and present information in terms that are appropriate for that audience.

To prepare for this Discussion, reflect on the various presentations you have made over the course of your graduate work. Also consider any presentations you have made during your practicum. Then, with these thoughts in mind, respond to the following: In 250-350 words

1) Describe a presentation (give specifics of time, place, title, etc.) you gave and what skills you used to enhance the quality of this presentation. If you have a PowerPoint or handouts to share, please place these in Doc Sharing.

-I recently on 03/14/12 @ 11AM had to present a complex case of a member to the Medical director and other staff, The condition is called Lichen planus, its pretty rare, so i had to do some research, on cause and treatment etc, also had to present member past medical history and current treatment and needs. The presentation is done to bring staff together for education and to share ideas on how to help member manage condition to the fullest. No power point presentation, provided the staff with patient information and educational hands on the condition.

2) What could you do (or have you done) to improve your presentation skills?

-Due to the type of setting i dont think any thing else would have help improve this presentation. Besides the hand out i was also able to search the condition on line using a la top and projector during the presentation.

3) Describe a newsletter, public service announcement, or other written work you have taken part in during your practicum.

-During the month of febraury i created the email newsletter and flyer for the Heart Health event.


Covello, V. (2003). Best practices in public health risk and crisis communication. Journal of Health Communication, 1(8), 5–9.

Wray, R., Becker, S., Henderson, N., Glik, D., Jupka, K., Middleton, S., et al. (2008). Communicating with the public about emerging health threats: Lessons from the pre-event message development project. American Journal of Public Health, 98(12), 2214–2222.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  DXJAnswerMagic replied 5 years ago.

DXJAnswerMagic :

HI! Hoping all is well on your side.

DXJAnswerMagic :

I can help!

DXJAnswerMagic :

I actually owe you an apology. Although I made certain about the APA 6th edition citations, etc. I did not realize my APA template did not attach to the Word document. I deeply apologize. It should have only affected the headings, but still I hope you'll accept that.

DXJAnswerMagic :

I can help!

DXJAnswerMagic :

I will be offline all day today but will check late Tuesday night or Weds. DXJ

DXJAnswerMagic :

Hi! Your answers are here

DXJAnswerMagic :

I didn't cite anything because I didn't see the need to do so.

DXJAnswerMagic :

Hope this helps! DXJ


hey about the APA are you talking about the 2-3 paper from last week?

DXJAnswerMagic and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  DXJAnswerMagic replied 5 years ago.

Yes, that's the one.


I don't know why, but I never got a message indicating your reply.

So sorry for the delay!

Are you finished now?

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No not yet I wish
Expert:  DXJAnswerMagic replied 5 years ago.

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