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5. Which of the following did Theodore Roosevelt not oversee

Resolved Question:

5. Which of the following did Theodore Roosevelt not oversee during his tenure as president? (Points : 1)
Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food and Drug Act
Hepburn Act
Interstate Commerce Act

6. Of the following four men who ran in the 1912 election, which affiliated himself with the Bull Moose Party? (Points : 1)

7. Acquiring Hawaii as a territory of the United States can be seen as a response to the philosophy best articulated in what book? (Points : 1)
The Evolution of Species
The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
The Bible
Scientific Management

8. Which amendment to the Constitution brought Prohibition to the United States? (Points : 1)
Eighteenth Amendment
Nineteenth Amendment
Twentieth Amendment
Twenty-first Amendment

9. Women made many contributions during World War I. Which area did they make the least impact? (Points : 1)
Nurses in the war
Heavy industry
Maintaining farms
Truck drivers

10. In the early 20th century, taboos about sex changed, and a birth-control movement enabled women to explore sexuality without having to worry about pregnancy. Which woman was most closely associated with this movement? (Points : 1)
Mary Pickford
Jane Addams
Lillian Gish
Margaret Sanger
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  hrguru206 replied 5 years ago.

hrguru206 :


  1. Interstate Commerce Act

  2. Roosevelt

  3. The Influence of Sea Power Upon History

  4. Eighteenth Amendment

  5. Truck Drivers

  6. Margaret Sanger

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