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Market research enables an organization to gather valuable information such as market trends, demographics, consumers buying habits, and information on competitors that will help the organization position their products/services and satisfy customers’ needs. Many businesses wrangle with the decision whether they should conduct their own marketing research or outsource their market research needs. Which option I think is preferable depends on a number of factors. If a company’s budget for market research is small, it would probably be advisable to conduct the market research in-house. On the other hand, outsourcing could allow a company to take advantage of a market research firm that specializes in assessing marketability. For a smaller company, a market research firm can provide more in-depth market research with the aid of expensive technology and software and the employment of statisticians, psychologists, and other professionals who may not be permanently employed at the company. Additionally, if there have been any marketing issues at the company when conducting its own marketing research in the past, it would be preferable to outsource its market research needs to ensure objectivity.
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