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1. List and briefly describe the three general areas of responsibility

Customer Question

1. List and briefly describe the three general areas of responsibility for a financial manager. (Points : 4)

2. The decision to issue additional shares of stock is an example of which one of the following? (Points : 4)
working capital management
net working capital decision
capital budgeting
controller's duties
capital structure decision

3. Why are so many businesses structured as sole proprietorships when the corporate form of business offers more advantages?
(Points : 4)

4. A business created as a distinct legal entity and treated as a legal "person" is called a: (Points : 4)

sole proprietorship.

general partnership.

limited partnership.

unlimited liability company.

5. Discuss the difference between book values and market values and explain which one is more important to the financial manager and why. (Points : 4)

6. Which of the following are included in current liabilities?

I. note payable to a supplier in eight months
II. amount due from a customer next month
III. account payable to a supplier that is due next week
IV. loan payable to the bank in fourteen months (Points : 4)
I and III only
II and III only
I, II, and III only
I, III, and IV only
I, II, III, and IV

7. Which of the following are current assets?

I. patent
II. Inventory
III. accounts payable
IV. cash
(Points : 4)
I and III only
II and IV only
I, II, and IV only
I, II and III only
II, III, and IV only

8. What value does the PEG ratio provide to financial analysts? (Points : 4)

9. Relationships determined from a firm's financial information and used for comparison purposes are known as: (Points : 4)
financial ratios.
dimensional analysis.
scenario analysis.
solvency analysis.

10. The sources and uses of cash over a stated period of time are reflected on the: (Points : 4)
income statement.
balance sheet.
tax reconciliation statement.
statement of cash flows.
statement of operating position.
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Expert:  KellyV2012 replied 5 years ago.

Please download the answers below.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks fo your help/////but this was done a lot later than what I need it
Expert:  KellyV2012 replied 5 years ago.

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