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Question 1 Social responsibility is best described as a

Resolved Question:

Question 1
Social responsibility is best described as a company being:

a.Saintly in the moral sense
b.Helpful in a prudent manner in the community
c.Lawful only
d.Altruistic to all stakeholders.

Question 2
A conservative interpretation and definition of corporate "social responsibility" would typically reflect the view that:

a.Corporate social responsibility should be mandated and closely regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

b.There is insufficient government regulation in the U.S. in place to deal with corporate socially responsible decision-making.

c.Social responsibility decisions in business should be decided on Kant's Categorical Imperative since that is the highest ethical principle.

d.Profit-maximization by lawful means is socially responsible behavior and that market forces will deter corporate socially irresponsible conduct.

Question 3
Commercial Products Company (CPC) markets its products nationwide. When making a decision, CPC should, in order to be a socially responsible firm, take into account the needs of

a.Consumers and employees
b.Owners and shareholders
c.Society and community
d.All of the above

Question 4
Lea, a vice-president of International Pharmaceuticals, Inc., does not apply Utilitarianism to business moral issues. One major problem with this ethical theory is that it

a.Advocates social change through violent revolution when people are not treated justly

b.Forces the individual to conform to the norms of society as to what it means to be socially responsible

c.Justifies human costs that some may find morally unacceptable

d.Promotes utopian societies such as Plato's conception of the Just State.

Question 5
Nobel Prize winner Professor Emeritus Milton Friedman would favor a corporate code of conduct that would:

a.Maximize profits at all costs.
b.Maximize profits based on open and free competition.
c.Maximize profits as long as the corporation "plays within the rules" without fraud, deception, or other illegality.
d.B and C only.

Question 6
The doctrine that holds that business has an obligation to generally do good charitable deeds for society is:

a.Moral minimum
b.Maximizing profits
c.Social responsibility
d.Corporate legal status.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  M Hasan replied 5 years ago.

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