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Hi Business Tutor: are you available to assist me with a q

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Hi Business Tutor: are you available to assist me with a quiz?

Hi sam


Please post the questions, but I will post the solutions in about 3 hours since I have 2 timed assignments back to back



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok here are the questions, and we have 12 hour deadline. Thank you.


1. Marcus does not have any health insurance. All of the following are guidelines that Marcus should follow when shopping for individual health insurance EXCEPT (Points : 1)
Consider first-dollar coverage.
Purchase a policy that has a preferred provider network.
Consider group health insurance first.
Insure for the large (catastrophic) loss.

2. Ann is considering the purchase of a life insurance policy with these characteristics: flexible premium payments, the insurance and savings components are separate, the interest rate credited to the savings is tied to a market interest rate but a minimum rate is guaranteed, and a monthly administrative fee is charged. Ann is considering buying (Points : 1)
current assumption whole life.
universal life insurance.
whole life insurance.
variable life insurance.

3. Which of the following statements about supplemental group major medical insurance is (are) true?
I. Most plans have a lifetime limit of $50,000 to $100,000.
II. Most plans contain an out-of-pocket maximum that places a dollar limit on the maximum amount an individual must pay out of his or her own pocket. (Points : 1)
I only
II only
both I and II
neither I nor II

4. Which of the following statements about savings bank life insurance is true? (Points : 1)
The maximum amount of insurance that a depositor can purchase is limited to the amount of money on deposit in his or her savings account with the savings bank.
The objective of savings bank life insurance is to provide low-cost insurance to consumers by holding down expenses.
The objective of savings bank life insurance is to provide protection to the bank in case a borrower dies before a loan is repaid.
The maximum amount that a depositor can purchase is $50,000.

5. Which of the following statements about preferred provider organization (PPO) health plans is (are) true?
I. A PPO plan contracts with health care providers to provide medical services to members at reduced fees.
II. Plan members are given a financial incentive to use PPO providers rather than other providers. (Points : 1)
I only
II only
both I and II
neither I nor II

6. HBM Company offers three health plans to its employees. The "Gold Plan" costs $500 per month and provides generous benefits. The "Silver Plan" costs $350 per month and provides more limited benefits. The "Bronze Plan" is quite limited and costs $250 per month. HBM contributes $250 per month for each employee's health care benefits. Employees who desire broader coverage are free to contribute additional money to fund the coverage. Based on the description, HBM's health plan is a (Points : 1)
preferred provider health plan.
point-of-service health plan.
defined contribution health plan.
high-deductible health plan.

7. Jessica is an agent for LMN Life Insurance Company. She met with Brad, who was interested in purchasing life insurance. Jessica explained the various uses of life insurance, including income for Brad's wife during the 1- or 2-year period following Brad's death. This period is known as the (Points : 1)
dependency period.
blackout period.
estate clearance period.
readjustment period.

8. Under the needs approach, when is the dependency period of a surviving spouse assumed to end? (Points : 1)
when the surviving spouse dies
when the youngest child reaches age 18
1 or 2 years after the breadwinner's death
when the surviving spouse reaches age 65

9. All of the following statements about group short-term disability income plans are true EXCEPT (Points : 1)
Disability is usually defined in terms of the employee's own occupation.
Most plans have a short elimination period for accidents but cover sickness from the first day of disability.
Most short-term plans cover nonoccupational disability only.
The amount of disability income benefits typically is equal to some percentage of a worker's normal earnings.

10. Purposes of the coinsurance provision in major medical insurance policies include which of the following?
I. To reduce premiums.
II. To prevent overutilization of policy benefits. (Points : 1)
I only
II only
both I and II
neither I nor II

Got them :)

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