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Please Help ASAP! Will give a bonus! . Despite the ideological

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Please Help ASAP! Will give a bonus!

. Despite the ideological conflicts and growing nuclear arsenal, neither the Soviet Union nor the United States directly attacked the other. Instead, they played out the conflict in other, smaller regions of the world. Where was the first place that this occurred? (Points : 1)

2. In terms of legal rulings by the Supreme Court, which of the following statements is most true about the Justices rulings? (Points : 1)
Brown overturned Plessy
Plessy overturned Brown
Brown supported Plessy
Plessy supported Brown

3. There were many important factors that contributed to the economic prosperity of the 1950s. One of the most significant ways that the government supported prosperity for millions was through which of the following? (Points : 1)
Civil Rights Acts
G.I. Bill
Federal Housing Administration
Veterans Affairs Bureau

4. LynXXXXX XXXXX’s approach to Vietnam was to: (Points : 1)

5. Which of the following is not a legacy of Vietnam? (Points : 1)
Hollywood helping to heal the memory
Governmental disillusion
57,000 Americans dead
Interpretative consensus among historians

6. Kennedy immediately understood the centrality of international issues and devoted significant attention to them from his first days in office. Which of the following best characterizes his strategy of flexible response? (Points : 1)
Massive invasions
Special forces
Nuclear threats
Unlimited war

7. Though the 1950s is typically remembered as an era of economic affluence, many raised concerns about the business environment. Who of the following was least likely to do so? (Points : 1)
Peter Drucker
William H. Whyte
Alan Ginsberg
Sloane Wilson

8. Which of the following was not a strategy employed by the civil rights movement? (Points : 1)
Freedom Rides
Bus boycotts

9. In 1964, Richard Nixon won election to the White House. Which was not one of his Vietnam strategies? (Points : 1)
Remove the military draft
Attempt to place the fighting emphasis on the Vietnamese
Seek peace with honor
Limit bombing raids

10. Kennedy used which symbol as a metaphor for many of his initiatives? (Points : 1)

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
got a 70 but thats better than a zero... thank you ! :)
You're welcome. Which three were wrong?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

2. should have been Brown supported Plessy

7.Peter Drucker

9.Limit bombing raids

Josh, #2 is definitely wrong. Plessy supported segregation and Brown overturned that. You should ask about that one.