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Part 1: Parts of Speech In this section, youll “diagram”

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Part 1: Parts of Speech
In this section, you’ll “diagram” each sentence by correctly
identifying the part of speech of each of the words. This
illustrates your understanding of the parts of speech and
their appropriate placement in sentence structure.
Example: The boy hit the ball.
The (definite article) boy (subject) hit (past tense verb) the
(definite article) ball (direct object).
Please write the identified parts of speech on the lines
beneath each sentence.
1. Mother gave me a card for my birthday.
2. The new mail carrier finally arrived.
3. How many players are on a team?
Part 2: Types of Sentences
In this section, you’ll identify what type of sentence each
example is. You don’t need to explain as we did in Examples 1
and 2. Just identify whether each sentence is complex, an
exclamation, declarative, or interrogative.
Example 1: While Annie stayed home and sulked, Jimmy
went to the movies. Complex
This is a complex sentence, because it has one or more
independent clauses joined by one or more dependent clauses.
“While Annie stayed home and sulked” is a dependent clause
because it’s an incomplete thought. “Jimmy went to the
movies” is an independent clause because it’s a complete
sentence that has a subject, a verb, and an object.
Example 2: I like this. Declarative
This is a declarative sentence, because it’s simply making
a statement.
Please write your answers in the spaces provided at the
end of each sentence.
1. XXXXX XXXXXkes soup, so Mary bought tomatoes. _______________
2. Oh no! _______________
3. Do you want to play in the garden? _______________
4. In the story, the author told how useful a sled can be.
5. She plays the piano. _______________
6. I love you! _______________
7. My brother baked a cake last night. _______________
8. The car broke down, but a rescue van arrived within
minutes. _______________
9. If you leave late, take a cab home. _______________
10. What did you name your new puppy? _______________

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