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Part 3: Word Choice Which word is correct? In this section,

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Part 3: Word Choice
Which word is correct? In this section, you’ll apply your
knowledge of troublesome words by making choices in the
following sentences. You don’t need to explain your choice.
Read the sentence out loud to yourself several times using
the different options. Once you’ve decided which word is
correct, circle your choice.
Example: I can’t go any (farther, further).
The correct choice is farther. Farther means physical advancement
in distance, while further denotes advancement to a
greater degree, as in time.
Please circle the correct choice.
1. I think (there, their, they’re) son is the quarterback of
the team.
2. The storm didn’t have as much (affect, effect) on our
community as it did on others.
3. He is much bigger (than, then) I remember him being.
4. The (principle, principal) of the school graduated with
my sister.
5. You have no choice but to (accept, except) this decision.
6. When I got home, my parents had (already, all ready) left.
7. The streets surrounding the (capital, capitol) will be
closed today.
8. Did you win or (loose, lose) the game?
9. She performed (good, well) on the balance beam.
10. These colors (complement, compliment) each other well.

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