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I need answers to Penn Foster Exam, Music Appreciation

Customer Question

I need answers to Penn Foster Exam, The Twentieth Century Part 2 (00766600),The Twentieth Century Part 1 (00766500) and 007667RR (Final for Music Appreciation).


Twentieth Century Part 1 (00766500)

1. The Rite of Spring was composed by
A. Arnold Schoenberg. C. Heitor Villa-Lobos.
B. Igor Stravinsky. D. Alban Berg.
2. Jody says that atonal harmony establishes a harmonic center
of gravity. Sean says that atonal harmony doesn’t have a
harmonic center of gravity. Who is correct?
A. Only Jody is correct.
B. Only Sean is correct.
C. Both Jody and Sean are correct.
D. Neither Jody nor Sean is correct.
3. _______ music is written in two or more chords played
A. Polytonal C. Polyphonic
B. Polyrhythmic D. Polychoral

4. The _______ style is an attempt to revive the approach used by composers in the latter
half of the eighteenth century.
A. Pre-romantic C. Neo-classical
B. New Baroque D. Post-modern
5. _______ is a singing technique that’s part speech and part song.
A. Sprechstimme C. Klangfarben
B. Walkurie D. Erlkönig
6. Music that doesn’t center on a particular key is referred to as
A. intoned. C. nontonal.
B. untoned. D. atonal.
7. Modernism, a movement that represented an abolishment of tradition and a quest for
novelty, took place when?
A. Middle nineteenth century C. Classical period
B. Early twentieth century D. Early twenty-first century
8. Bebop is a style of
A. jazz. C. fusion.
B. pop. D. ragtime.
9. Ragtime composers often made use of
A. counterpoint. C. syncopation.
B. inversion. D. serialism.

10. _______ notes are produced by lowering the third, fifth, or seventh steps of
major scales.
A. Low C. Minor
B. Falsetto D. Blue
11. Roland says that Ruth Crawford Seeger was a modernist composer. Clive says that she
was a collector and arranger of American folksongs. Who is correct?
A. Only Roland is correct.
B. Only Clive is correct.
C. Both Roland and Clive are correct.
D. Neither Roland nor Clive is correct.
12. _______ used themes from popular songs and hymns in his orchestral works.
A. Scott Joplin C. Duke Ellington
B. Charles Ives D. Igor Stravinsky

13. Expressionist music is generally thought of as
A. happy. C. probing.
B. extravagant. D. bouncy.
14. Which of the following composers sought to obtain a nonpercussive sound from the
piano in his compositions?
A. Glass C. Ives
B. Debussy D. Ellington
15. Schoenberg’s 12-tone composition is based on a/an _______ scale.
A. minor C. pentatonic
B. major D. chromatic
16. The _______ were interested in the hypnotic quality of the repeated melodic
fragments and interlocked patterns created by the gamelan.
A. expressionists C. minimalists
B. impressionists D. neo-classicists
17. The smallest distance between two adjacent notes on a piano is a
A. whole note. C. quarter note.
B. half step. D. whole step.
18. In The Unanswered Question, the strings are played
A. as if they’re playing a slow hymn.
B. in unresolved dissonance.
C. fast and loud for shock value.
D. in constant competition with the brass.
19. The most common pattern of verses in blues songs is the
A. 12-bar pattern. C. 8-note pattern.
B. 6-bar pattern D. 28-note pattern.
20. Standard Song Form for popular hits of the 1920s and 1930s was



The Twentieth Century Part 2 (00766600)

1. Which one of the following composers is best known for
promoting aleatory music?
A. John Cage C. Franz Wozzek
B. Richard Strauss D. Béla Bartók
2. Which of the following composers wrote the music for West
Side Story?
A. George M. Cohan C. Jerome Kern
B. Leonard Bernstein D. Cole Porter
3. Tamra says that the difference between an opera and a
musical is that the opera includes more spoken word than
singing. Eduardo says that the musical contains singing with
some spoken dialog. Who is correct in citing the difference?
A. Tamra
B. Eduardo
C. Both Tamra and Eduardo
D. Neither Tamra nor Eduardo

4. The first African American to have a major opera performed by a major American
opera company was
A. Scott Joplin. C. Langston Hughes.
B. William Grant Still. D. XXXXX XXXXX.
5. The _______ is a xylophone-like instrument with tubular resonators under each bar.
A. conga C. timbales
B. marimba D. suspended cymbal
6. Public Enemy’s abrasive rap recording “Fight the Power” has a basic pulse of
A. 60 beats per minute. C. 106 beats per minute.
B. 86 beats per minute. D. 120 beats per minute.
7. For the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Chinese-American _______ was
enlisted to play the cello to offset the Asian-sounding erhu.
A. Tan Dun C. Ang Lee
B. Xiaohui Ma D. Yo-Yo Ma
8. The musical movement that started in the mid-1960s on the West Coast was the
_______ movement.
A. folk C. psychedelic
B. rock D. progressive
9. The progression of four basic chords that was used in many popular songs of the
1950s and 1960s is referred to as _______ chord progression.
A. bebop C. doo-wop
B. pop D. vamp
10. Notes that begin a phrase before a downbeat are known as pick-up notes or a/an
A. duck walk. C. shuffle groove.
B. call and response. D. anacrusis.
11. Einstein on a Beach was a unique opera because it
A. had no plot and very little singing. C. had a single violinist.
B. was written in Chinese. D. was exclusively recitative.

12. Agnes de Mille choreographed Aaron Copland’s Rodeo to blend
A. ballet with tap. C. square dance with Irish jig.
B. jazz and ballet. D. ballet with square dance.
Examination, Lesson 7 85
13. Which song crossed racial boundaries by achieving success on both the R&B and
pop charts?
A. “Please Mr. Postman” C. “Fight the Power”
B. “School Day” D. “My Ding-a-Ling”
14. A musical style that combines traditional and modern elements is called
A. exhibitionism. C. postmodernism.
B. modernism. D. minimalism.
15. A repeated melodic and rhythmic figure in the lower register of the piano is typical of
the Afro-Cuban dance music known as
A. mambo. C. salsa.
B. guaguanco. D. reggae.
16. The musician who ushered in the twentieth-century era of virtuosic rock guitar
playing was
A. Chet Atkins. C. Chuck Berry.
B. Jimi Hendrix. D. XXXXX XXXXX.

17. A modern-day retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is carried out in the musical
A. H.M.S. Pinafore. C. My Fair Lady.
B. The Mikado. D. West Side Story.
18. Which of John Cage’s works has been perceived by some as a joke?
A. Einstein on a Beach C. Illiac Suite
B. Imaginary Landscape no. 4 D. 4’33’’
19. The type of music that blended the musical styles of jump blues and honky-tonk was
A. Motown. C. jazz.
B. rock ’n’ roll. D. hip hop.
20. The hand-clapping at the beginning of the song “Please Mr. Postman” is known as the
A. hook. C. shuffle groove.
B. ostinato. D. vamp.



And the Final Exam 007667RR



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Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 5 years ago.

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Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello dear client,

I can help you with these exam answers, please let me know, do you still need these answers?

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yes, i am still looking for help, it will be really good if you can help~

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello dear client,

Thank you for your reply and time,

I am working on your questions and will post one exam at a time, then second one and then the third one. Let me know if it is acceptable to you so that i can finish it soon for you :)

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Hello dear Jabi,


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One at a time sounds great, do whatever you like.


Thank you so much.

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
You are most welcome :)

Give me few minutes, i will post the answers for you :)

Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.
Hello dear client,

Click here for Twentieth Century Part 1 (00766500)

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Jabi, Lecturer
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 1364
Experience: I have done MBA in Finance and Accounting.
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Expert:  Jabi replied 5 years ago.

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i can only see one question at a time, i have to answer the first question then i can see the second question....
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Okay, do it as you want.