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Resource: The Guillermo Furniture Store ScenarioWrite a

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Attachment: 2012-03-05_015500_fin571_guillermo_furniture.doc

Attachment: 2012-03-05_020002_fin571_guillermo_furniture_1.xls

Resource: The Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario Write a 2,000 word (minimum) paper that focuses on the analysis of different alternatives available to Guillermo. Determine the optimal weighted average cost of capital and discuss the use of multiple valuation techniques in reducing risks. Calculate net present value of future cash flows for each of the alternatives. You will have to make assumptions regarding some of the variables. Clearly state any assumptions made. Note- this assignment requires calculations! Any paper that discusses WACC and NPV without calculations will not receive credit. Excel formulas are not acceptable. If you turn in an Excel file without showing the manual steps to your answer then you will not receive credit. Also – Do not paste the scenarios financials into your paper.

Muhammad Jawaad Ahmed :

It is lengthy, technical and descriptive, the fair price is $150, also provide your deadline and data, thanks.

Customer: That is more than what I had in mind. I really just need help with the technical data. Is it possible for you to provide me with a charge for that?
Customer: The deadline is midnight tomm
Customer: Your price is fair though.
Muhammad Jawaad Ahmed :

What technical data do you need thanks

Customer: The net present value of future cash flows for each of the alternatives.
Muhammad Jawaad Ahmed :

Okay will try to give this

Customer: Great. Now what I do I do?

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