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Start Access, and then open the Firm Pays database located

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Start Access, and then open the Firm Pays database located here. Open the query named "Large Payments." View the query in SQL Format, and answer the following questions:
• Which tables are used in the query?
• Which fields are displayed in the query results?
• What type of join, if any, is used between the tables?
• What selection criteria are used?
Then, write a query in SQL in the Firm Pays database that fulfills the following parameters:
• Displays the Amt Paid, Firm#, Date Paid, and Payment#
• Selects firm number 1119 and Date Paid between 6-1 and 6-10
• Orders results by payment date
Assignment Guidelines:
• Start Microsoft Access and open the FirmPays.mdb database.
• Open the query called "Large Payments."
• View the query in SQL Format, and in a Word document, answer the 4 questions outlined in the assignment description.
• Create a new query in the Firm Pays database, and write the SQL so that it fulfills the parameters listed in the assignment description.
• Save a copy of the Access file named U4A1LastName.accdb.
Your submitted assignment (125 points) must include the following contained in a .zip file:
• A Word document with your answers to the questions in the assignment description.
• A copy of your Access .accdb file that adheres to the assignment guidelines.
Hi. Thanks for your question.

You'll need to provide the database for me to assist you. You can post it to and put the sharing URL here.

Kind regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Susan, I posted what you requested to mediafire and here is the link. If I did it wrong let me know. Thanks

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