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Former vice president Al Gore won a Nobel peace prize for his

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Former vice president Al Gore won a Nobel peace prize for his efforts concerning (Points : 1)
International violence
Global warming
Economic inequalities
Political transformation

2. What are gyres? (Points : 1)
The axis on which the earth rotates
The informal organization of policy makers that try to direct the future of the world
Ocean areas that have become dumping sites for plastics and human wastes
A political movement aimed at changing established leadership structures

3. Which are types of social movements? (Points : 1)
Political movements
Personal transformation movements
Revolutionary movements
All of these choices are social movements

4. The poorest part of the world is in: (Points : 1)
Southeast Asia
Latin America
the Middle East
Sub Saharan Africa

5. Cultural imperialism occurs when (Points : 1)
Jobs are outsourced to foreign countries
A dominant culture deliberately exports its ideology to others
Multinational corporations form oligarchies
Resources are obtained through exploitative ways

6. Peace consists of: (Points : 1)
Negotiation and mediation
Mutual understanding and good communication
All of these choices

8. Most aid to needy people throughout the world comes from: (Points : 1)
Religious organizations

9. What is NOT true about multinational corporations? (Points : 1)
Most of them have outlets in different nations
Many of them own smaller businesses under their corporate umbrella
Governments can easily manage and inspect their operations
They may have incomes that are larger than that of many nations

10. Which nation is the most diverse? (Points : 1)
The United States
It all depends on how diversity is defined and measured

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