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What effect(s) does creativity have on society and culture?

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What effect(s) does creativity have on society and culture? (Pertaining to critical thinking) 150 word --opinion based-- response.

hrguru206 :

I could honestly not comprehend where our society would be without creativity. Creativity is completely entwined in every part of our culture. Without creativity the world as we know it would not exist. Creativity is related to independent thinking and judgment. It allows us to continue to grow and develop as a society, to adapt to the changes in our environment, to develop new technologies, artwork, and literature. It is the basis for every new idea ever developed throughout time and history. To understand a culture without creativity would be to imagine a world where everything were the same, and every move forward was solely based on necessarily. It is a general consensus that people use both a logical portion of their brain and a creative side. Just as it is important to have a society which thinks logically it is equally as important to have as society that values creativity.

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