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1. Develop a proposal for an interdisciplinary approach to

Customer Question

1. Develop a proposal for an interdisciplinary approach to an issue you're academically, professionally and/or personally engaged with. So, by "proposal" we mean a "suggestion" or a "plan." You are suggesting how to approach an issue in an interdisciplinary way. The "interdisciplinary way" is your common ground. So, explain how the common ground will be used to address the research question. 2. Worksheets #1 - #4 have given you the foundations to develop an interdisciplinary response to a specific, real-world issue. Yours should be effects of dropping out of high school and what we can do to stop it. 4.This proposal is about the disciplines. (Economics, psychology, & health) 5. The following will give you what to focus on and address under each area. 6. The format can be in anything but Power Point. You can use Word, a blog, pdf, Prezi, a web site, etc. Supplemental Readings 1.) Introduce the proposal, telling the readers its purpose and contents = 10 points (1-2 paragraphs) This section is about establishing the foundation of the proposal and its necessity. This section should: a.) Define the Subject of the Project Explain the scope of the problem by defining the subject and explaining what issues will be addressed by the project. b.) State the Purpose of the Project In one sentence, complete the following phrase: “The purpose of this project is to ...” Hint: Use verbs that reflect measurable results: assess, compare, determine, evaluate , identify, develop, define, increase, decrease, improve, and reduce. 2.) Background and Context about the Issue = 20 points (1-2 paragraphs) (section should have citations) This section is about presenting the background—the problem, opportunity, or situation that brings about the proposed project. Get the reader concerned about the problem, excited about the opportunity, or interested in the situation in some way. This section should: a.) Introduce one specific, real-world issue / phenomenon that is used throughout the proposal b.) Establish the current status of the real-world issue & the background c.) Highlight the details involved that make it a debate & introduce experts' insight about debate d.) Introduce an open-ended, original interdisciplinary research question 3.) Interdisciplinary Proposal =(includes conclusion, works cited, & formatting of in-text citations) This section is about how you propose to approach this issue interdisciplinarily. This section should: a.) State what you propose to do to address this issue in an interdisciplinary manner (at least 2 paragraphs) Describe exactly: each step of how the common ground would be used to address the research question how the issue would be different from its current state by applying the common ground and the method of implemention A specific method of implementation, such as redefinition, establishing a stronger process or procedure, creating an action or event, or developing a solution, shoudl be established for the implementaton of the proposal and details given about its aspect of its development. b.) Explain the benefits of the proposed interdisciplinary method (at least 2 paragraphs) Explain why this suggested plan for applying the common ground is interdisciplinary. Develop what the advantages are of approaching the issue in an interdisciplinary manner c.) Discuss the development of integration behind the proposed interdisciplinary approach (at least 3 paragraphs) This section should: Explain what kind of accomodations or concessions the discipline where the common ground came from had to make for the other two disciplines to achieve a common ground. Explain what kind of contention the other disciplines had with this concept/theoryassumption being used as the common ground. Explain what kind of accomodations or concessions the other two disciplines had to make to achieve common ground. Explain the advantages of choosing the method of implementation (redefinition, establishing a stronger process or procedure, creating an action or event, or developing a solution) that you did to apply your common ground. Support your reasoning with evidence and support from from authorities and experts and integrate in academic sources. This should be done throughout the proposal. 4.) Other Evaluation Aspects Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs) The project closes with a conclusion that highlights the proposed interdisciplinary action to be taken. It avoids summary and generalizations. It leaves the reader with a lasting impression of the need for interdisciplinarity for this specific issue. MLA used & Works Cited Evidence and support in the proposal should be used as such rather than being used as the point or claim itself. In-text citations should be error-free. The works cited page should be in MLA format and have 6-8 primary and/or secondary sources. All sources on the works cited page should be academic and/or credible. No footnotes should be used in the project. No Wikipedia sites.
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