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Need this question to be answered in 200 words hopefully by

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Need this question to be answered in 200 words hopefully by tonight!

What is career management? What are the basic steps involved in a career management system? What is the manager's role in a career management system?

Joanne :

Career management can be examined from two perspectives. From the perspective of the individual, career management refers to the process of investing resources in order to achieve an individual’s career goals. This process involves understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as obtaining job opportunities and creating plans to achieve desired jobs. On the other hand, from the perspective of the organization, career management refers to the process of ensuring succession of positions in the company as well as an important component involved in the retaining of talents (Secord, 2003).

The basic steps involved in a career management system involves conducting self-assessments, provision or use of training tools, sharing and accessing job information as well as the goal setting and creation of action plans ("Careers and Career Management”).

The manager plays an important role in monitoring and ensuring that the career management system meets the needs of the organization as well as the employees. In addition, the manager needs to provide necessary information to others such as information about job positions as well as helping employees to find out their strengths and weaknesses. The manager also needs to play the role of the counselor to assist employees in making their career choices and plans as well as to provide advice to prepare employees for job changes or searches.



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