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Dr. Clark's SCIENCE, Engineer/Scientist
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BONUS - 1. What are the steps of the Scientific Method?2. In huffalups

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1. What are the steps of the Scientific Method?

2. In huffalups, the gene for the hair on their tail has two alleles. The dominant allele (T) codes for Curly tail hair and the recessive allele (t) codes for straight tail hair.

a) What percentage of offspring would be expected to have straight tail hair from the cross of two Curly tailed parents, one that is homzygous dominant and one that is heterozygous?


b)If one parent is pure curly tailed an the other is straight tailed, what percent of offspring would have a straight tail?


3. Free Ear Lobes (F) are dominant and attached ear lobes are (ff) recessive. Cross a heterozygous individual with another heterozygotes. Tell me the phenotype and genotypes of the offspring?


4. In weazelgeezels, having bumpy skin is dominant (B) and smooth skin is recessive (b). Draw a Punnet Square showing the cross of a weazelgeezel that is hybrid for bumpy skin with a weazelgeezel that has smooth skin. Show the gentypes and phenotypes of the possible offspring.


5. If B is a dominant allele and allele b is its recessive counterpart, which genetypes can be formed through a monohybrid cross of one organism with Bb and another with bb?


6. When crossbreeding some species of flowers, the color of the offspring flowers may be somewhere between the colors of the parent flowers. What is the phenomenon an illustration of? Explain.


7. Red-green color blindness is an X-linked recessive trait. Two normal-visioned parents have a colorblind son. Indicate the genotype and phenotype of each parent and the son. Explain your reasoning.


8. In a dihybrid cross between a parent that is a double heterozygote (AaBb) and a parent that is homozygous recessive (aabb), how many different phenotypes will there be in their offspring. List the specific amounts.

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Dr. Clark's SCIENCE, Engineer/Scientist
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 195
Experience: PhD Biomedical Engineering, test prep and homework tutor
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