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I need help on the statistic homework. I need asap.

Resolved Question:

I need help on the statistic homework. I need asap. Today.

Attachment: 2012-02-25_172731_copy_of_baseball_2009_chicago.xls

I have attached the data sets for each question.


Question 1. Baseball 2009

refer to the Baseball 2009 data, which reports information on the 30 major League Baseball teams for the 2009 season. Select an appropriate interval and organize the teams salaries into a frequency distribution.

a. What is the typical team salary? What is the range of salaries?

b. Comment on the shape of the distribution. Does it appear that ny of the team salaries are out of line with the others?

c. Draw a Cumulative Frequency Distribution. Forty Percent of the teams are paying less than what amount in total team salary? About howm many teams have total salaries of less than $80M?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Susan Athena replied 5 years ago.

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