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Lani S.
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Hi Lani I need help with this case study can you help me need

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Hi Lani I need help with this case study can you help me need it by tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
a 20 yr old man was admitted to the hospital with severe headache vision problems and neck rigidity. His hands and feet were getting bigger over the last 3 yrs. blood tests for meningitis were negative. However he had loww thyroxine, cortisol and human chorionic gonadotrpins (HCGs). The tests also revealed increased levels of the growth hormone. MRI revealed that he had pituitary adenoma with infarction. Surgeons removed his pituary gland.
How did the patient develop adenoma?
Describe the pathophysiology behind his symptoms.
does the patient have acromegaly? Give reasons to support your answer.
What other commplications could the patient develop.
Does the patient require hormone level monitoring? Give reasons to support your answer.



Thanks for request. Will have this tomorrow. Thanks.


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