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95) The Global, Web-Based Platform enables individuals to do

Resolved Question:

95) The Global, Web-Based Platform enables individuals to do which of the following?

A. produce and sell goods and services

B. all of these answers are correct

C. access information, services, and entertainment

D. connect, compute, communicate, collaborate, and compete everywhere and all the time
E. exchange knowledge

96) _____ is the integration of economic, social, cultural, and ecological facets of life, enabled by information technologies.

A. globalization

B. business environment
C. regionalization

D. nationalization

97) The force behind globalization in _____ was the amount of muscle, horsepower, wind power, or steam power that a country could deploy.

A. Globalization 3.0

B. None of these

C. Globalization 1.0

D. Globalization 2.0

98) Which of the following statements is true concerning the applicability of attitudes in understanding behavior?

A. Cognitive attitudes influence behavior better than affective-based attitudes

B. A single, global measure of attitude is necessary to predict behavior

C. General attitudes are the best predictors of behavior

D. Behavior is affected equally by those attitudes formed via social learning and those formed via behavioral learning

99) ________ is a qualitative research approach for getting inside a consumer’s mind and finding out what they are thinking or feeling (e.g., a consumer says that the John Deere brand makes them think of a rugged Midwestern male who is hard-working and trustworthy).

A. Laddering

B. A projective technique
C. Brand personification

D. Visualization

E. Word association

100) Companies normally budget marketing research at ________ percent of company sales.

A. 6.5

B. 2 to 3

C. 4

D. 10 to 12
E. 1 to 2
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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