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Question 15 2 points Save Based on our discussion

Customer Question

Question 15 2 points Save
Based on our discussion of this topic in clase, please describe the essence of the meaning of the term fraudulent misrepresentation in one word. (One word only. No credit will be given for answers exceeding one word.)
Question 15 answers
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Question 16 text Question 16 1 points Save
The doctrine of promissory estoppel requires a clear and definite promise.
Question 16 answers

Question 17 text Question 17 1 points Save
An effective offer requires a reasonable price related to market value.
Question 17 answers

Question 18 text Question 18 1 points Save
If a voidable contract is avoided, the parties to it are released from it.
Question 18 answers

Question 19 text Question 19 2 points Save
Serene City enacts an ordinance that bans the use of "sound amplifying systems" on public streets. Tyler wants to campaign for a seat on the city council by broadcasting his message through speakers mounted on a truck. In Tyler's suit against the city, a court would likely hold the ordinance to be
Question 19 answers
an unconstitutional restriction of speech.
constitutional under the First Amendment.
justified by the need to protect individual rights.
necessary to protect national interests.

Question 20 text Question 20 2 points Save
Congress enacts a law prohibiting toys made in China from being sold in the United States. The Hawaii state legislature enacts a law allowing the sale of Chinese-made toys. Hawaii's law will most likely be
Question 20 answers
rendered invalid under the supremacy clause.
rendered valid the free exercise clause.
struck down under the due process clause.
upheld under the commerce clause.

Question 21 text Question 21 2 points Save
Brad stands in front of Rustler's Round-Up Café, shouting "fighting words" that are likely to incite Rustler's patrons to respond violently. The First Amendment protects such speech
Question 21 answers
all of the time.
none of the time.
only if it is noncommercial.
only if it is symbolic.

Question 22 text Question 22 2 points Save
Mike, an advocate of a certain religion, publishes an article in New Times magazine insisting that Congress base all federal law on his religion's principles. The First Amendment guarantees Mike's freedom of
Question 22 answers
religion only.
speech only.
the press only.
religion, speech, and the press.

Question 23 text Question 23 2 points Save
Fact Pattern 1-1
The Texas Supreme Court decides the case of Livewire Co. v. Power Corp. Of nine justices, six believe the judgment should be in Livewire's favor. Justice Bellamy, one of the six, writes a separate opinion. The three justices who believe the judgment should be in Power's favor join in a third separate opinion.

Refer to Fact Pattern 1-1. Bellamy's opinion is
Question 23 answers
a concurring opinion.
a dissenting opinion.
a majority opinion.
a per curiam opinion.

Question 24 text Question 24 1 points Save
A minor's right to disaffirm a contract terminates sixty days after the contract's date.
Question 24 answers

Question 25 text Question 25 1 points Save
A severable contract is unenforceable as a violation of public policy.
Question 25 answers

Question 26 text Question 26 1 points Save
Misrepresentation of an opinion is an element of fraud.
Question 26 answers

Question 27 text Question 27 1 points Save
A contract may have to be in writing to be enforceable even if its performance is possible within a year.
Question 27 answers

Question 28 text Question 28 2 points Save
In business deals, Fiona, the chief executive officer of Glazed Donuts, Inc., follows duty-based ethical standards. These are most likely derived from
Question 28 answers
a corporate ethics code.
a cost-benefit analysis.
philosophical reasoning.
the law.

Question 29 text Question 29 2 points Save
Lyle, vice-president of sales for Mi-T Electric, Inc., adheres to Judeo-Christian religious ethical standards. With respect to their application, these standards are
Question 29 answers

Question 30 text Question 30 2 points Save
Spencer Hydraulics Corporation's ethics committee is asked a business ethics question¾should the firm bid low to obtain a contract that it knows it can fulfill only at a higher price? A practical method to investigate and solve this question involves all of the following steps except
Question 30 answers
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Lucy replied 5 years ago.

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