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I need you to do is comment on these new responses

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The only think I need you to do is comment on these new responses in 100 words less. DQ 1: Do you see technology taking the teacher’s place? Why or why not? Comment 1 don't believe teachers will ever be replace with technology. I recently did the observation with my old 5th grade teacher and she was telling me about most of her students and the problems at home. She explained she was telling me this because she wants me to understanding before I go into a classroom of my own that this job carries a lot of emotional baggage as well. Computers can't help students the same way that a teacher can, on an emotional level as well as helping with development as people. I think that technology has become more of a crippling thing then a benefit. I know that children are learning how to use a calculator instead of learning how to do the math by hand or even just by thinking through the problem. This is not teaching children anything other then how to push the buttons. Even in college my math class was showing me to work a problem I need to push the buttons in this specific order and it will get me the correct answer. I had to look into an elementary book to explain how to reach the correct answers by writing out the problems. Comment 2: I feel that computers and other technologies are great tools for teachers to use but students are not all visual learners some are hands on. Those's types of learners would not pass school if they did not have a teacher to show them what to do. Teachers are the ones that make learning fun and make students want to listen and learn. Reading things off a computer or a smart board would get boring very fast and students would just give up. I don't think technology will ever fully take over a classroom. It is up to the teacher what technology is used in the classroom. Teachers can limit the amount of technology students use on a daily bases. Comment:3 I believe that children can learn in both ways. With the teacher and teacher's lesson on the computer. For example,with the smartboard, students are actually seeing what the weather looks like and have hands on with doing the weather activity. The only thing different is with the smartboard the children are not writing ,they are placing pictures for that particular question using a pointing stick. Comment4: I do not think that technology will take over, but I do believe that it will be a large part of learning. In the elementary setting there are at least 3 to 5 computers for the class to use. I have seen these students utilize the computers for reading and math. It plays games with them and helps them to understand the concept of the subject they are learning. In High school computers are almost in every classroom. Where I work, we have 5 computer labs with at least 30 computers each. The teachers here have to have so many hours in the lab with students and they receive a technology credit. We also have technology carts which have mini laptops, projectors, and several other items and software that is being utilized in the math, English, and technical classes. All in all teachers will have to continue their education so to say to keep up with all the new technology that is coming. Computers have changed and are continuing to change, as well as the software we use on a daily basis. New gadgets such as PDA's and even our smart phones, to Ipod touches are being used in the classroom today. It excites me, but at the same time I am scared of not knowing "enough" to go into a classroom and use all the technology available to me. DQ 2: What are several ways in which you might use technology in this program and your classroom? Provide examples. Comment 5: I think technology can be a valuable asset to teaching and helping make the project more fun for students. Powerpoint is an easy way to make a fun presentation for students, if one is skilled enough with powerpoint they can make it an interactive presentation as well, making it even more fun for the kids. Using calculators for children to help check their answers for math People can also use computers to research information and interactive map software for different things as well. These are all great ways to use technology in the classroom, finding a way to work it into a lessonplan to even take a couple different subjects and cover multiple things with one lesson. Teachers can also use different technology to make things easier for them. Blackberry cellphones for example can run microsoft word and also work through powerpoint and excel. These different things can help with making the job easier and finish things up while on the go to avoid having to remain in the classroom to finish putting all of the information for grading together. This also help teachers with emailing information if needed as well straight from the cell phone. Comment 6: In the classroom that I observed there were many different technologies that are used on a daily bases. One that I think is extremely helpfull is the phonic ear. The teacher wears a neckless with a microphone and there are four speakers placed around the room. This helps make sure that every student can hear the teacher at any time. It can also connect to a deaf persons ear piece to help them hear better as well. I will be adding a bonus. Also if you can get this to me today it would be a big help if not its ok
I will do my best. It will be later because I have company now.
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