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14.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_004(Points: 5) Select ALL

Resolved Question:

14.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_004
(Points: 5)
Select ALL that Apply. The phrase “portion of the organism’s interaction with the environment,” from Johnston and Pennypacker’s (1980) definition of behavior, specifies which of the following necessary and sufficient conditions for the occurrence of behavior?

a. The existence of changes in the environment

b. The existence of a relation between non-living tissue and the environment

c. The existence of a relation between the organism and the environment

d. The existence of two separate entities - organism and environment

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15.MA4SUM3 VerA Q5
(Points: 5)
Fill in the blank. A(n) Fill in the Blank 01 is a built-in response to specific stimuli that does not require an individual organism to learn these responses.

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16.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_007
(Points: 5)
Which of the following statements define the term STIMULUS?

a. A specific instance of a particular behavior

b. A condition, event or change in the environment that can be differentiated from others

c. A larger set or classes of movements holding in common certain dimensions

d. An occurrence or nonoccurrence of a behavior

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17.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_008
(Points: 5)
Which of the following is NOT part of the definition of a BEHAVIORAL CONSEQUENCE?

a. Environmental change

b. Follows a given behavior

c. Alters the probability of future occurrences

d. Rate of behavior increases

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18.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_009
(Points: 5)
True or False? Reinforcement and punishment are both encompassed in the term operant conditioning.

a. True

b. False

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19.MA 3 CHH 2 and BWR Ver A_010
(Points: 5)
FILL IN THE BLANK. Johnston and Pennypacker (1980, 1993) provided the following comprehensive definition of behavior. “The behavior of an organism is that portion of the organism’s interaction with its environment that is characterized by detectable displacements in space through time of some part of the organism and that results in ______________ change in at least one aspect of the environment.”


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20.MA4SUM3 Ver A Q10
(Points: 5)
Fill in the blank. When a consequence is said to be Fill in the Blank 01 on the occurrence of a particular behavior, that behavior must be emitted in order for the consequence to be given.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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