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1. What type of file integration is the best choice when you

Customer Question

1. What type of file integration is the best choice when you wish to simultaneously update information in several Office files?
A. Embedding
B. Linking
C. Merging
D. File sharing

2. To remove gridelines from a worksheet, you need to uncheck the gridlines box on the _____ tab.
A. Worksheet
B. Page Setup
C. View
D. Print Preview

3. Upon connecting a Word document to a separate Excel worksheet, it may be said that you've
A. linked the files.
B. embedded the files.
C. extracted one file from another.
D. erased the Word file.

4. The _____ button adds a dollar sign before a number.
A. AutoFormat
B. Money Converter
C. Remove Decimals
D. Currency Style

5. Which piece of data can you set to be updated each time you open a Word document?
A. Address
B. Date
C. Account number
D. Name

6. Which of the following is not a default merge field you can insert in a mail merge letter?
A. First Name
B. Department
C. Phone Number
D. Zip_Code

7. You've opened a Word document that contains an embedded Excel worksheet. Before you can make any corrections to the worksheet, you must
A. select all the cells
B. activate Excel
C. save the document
D. rename the document

8. When you click on Save in the File menu, the Save As dialog box appears if
A. the file has been altered
B. the file contains a linked or embedded object
C. the file hasn't been saved before
D. more than one file is open

9. The best way to check the overall layout of an integrated document is to
A. switch to Form View
B. select Normal from the View Menu
C. set the Zoom Control to 100%
D. use the Print Preview

10. You would add a title to a chart that's embedded in a Word document by
A. using the Chart Tools
B. using the Save As option
C. typing the title in the worksheet
D. typing the title in Word

11. Which feature allows you to adjust column widths to accommodate the text you've typed in?
A. AutoFormat
B. Accommodate
C. Automatic Resizing
D. AutoFit

12. When you embed a blank worksheet in a Word document, which of the following Office applications are integrated?
A. Word and Excel
B. Word and Access
C. Excel and Access
D. Excel and PowerPoint

13. Which procedure should you follow to narrow an active embedded worksheet window?
A. Position the mouse pointer in the border on the right side of the worksheet window; then click and drag to the left
B. Position the mouse pointer in the middle of the worksheet window; then click and drage to the right
C. Double-click on the worksheet windows's right-hand border
D. Click on a cell in the right-most column; then press the Right Arrow key

14. All of the following operations will move you from cell A1 to cell B1 of an embedded worksheet except
A. pressing the Right Arrow key
B. clicking on cell B1
C. pressing the Enter key
D. pressing the Tab key

15. In an embedded worksheet, Excel automatically
A. checks for spelling and/or grammar errors
B. performs math calculations
C. takes you out of Windows
D. renames your invoice

16. Which key combinations will help you quickly select text from the cursor insertion point to the end of the line?
A. Shift + Tab
B. Shift + Right Arrow
C. Shift + Ctril
D. Shift + End

17. The Insert > Chart feature does not allow you to _____ a chart
A. set the dimensions of
B. add a title to
C. add or remove the gridlines to
D. select the type of

18. Which of the following applications does not allow you to create a database for a mail merge?
A. Excel
B. Access
C. Word
D. PowerPoint

19. How can you alter a worksheet once you embed it into a Word document
A. Open the file in Excel and save your changes there
B. Double-click on the worksheet
C. Use the File/Edit feature
D. you can't alter a worksheet once it's embedded

20. The Save As command is useful if you want to copy an open document and
A. link it to the original document
B. remain in the original document
C. give the copy a new name
D. delete the original document.

Please provide references for each answer given.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  SteveS replied 5 years ago.

Below are the answers. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks.


1 C

2 C

3 A

4 D

5 B

6 B

7 B

8 C

9 D

10 A

11 D

12 A

13 A

14 C

15 B

16 D

17 B

18 D

19 B

20 C






Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Attention: SteveS


Thanks for providing the answers. But as you may note, I asked for references to the answers....not just providing the answers.

Expert:  SteveS replied 5 years ago.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the good work done.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

For SteveS


1. Which of the following file extensions is used on a document that PowerPoint can import and set up as a basic presentation?

A .avi

B .mid

C .bmp

D .rtf


2. Which of the following procedures would you used to embed or link to an Excel chart in a PowerPoint slide?

A.Select the chart in Excel, navigate to the PowerPoint slide in which you want the chart to appear, and click Copy in PowerPoint's Home tab

B.Slect the chart in Excel, press Ctrl + C, navigate to the PowerPoint slide in which you want the chart to appear, and click Paste Special in the PowerPoint's Home tab

C.Slect the chart in Excel, click Cut in Excel's Edit menu, navigate to the PowerPoint slide in which you want the chart to appear, and click Hyperlink

D.Navigate to the PowerPoint slide in which you want the chart to appear, click Hyperlink, browse the Excel document that contains the chart, and click OK


3. Which of the following procedures would you use to edit an embedded object in PowerPoint?

A.Select the embedded object, and click Clear from the Edit menu

B.Pass the mouse cursor over the embedded object

C.Double-click the embedded object

D.Right-click on the embedded object, and select Order


4. Sounds can be added to a PowerPoint presentation using the

A.Home tab

B.Insert tab

C.Slide Show tab

D.Office button


5. Which tab would you use to apply a them to an existing PowerPoint presentation?






6. Two project managers are discussing the usefulness of the internet to document progress on a project. Manager A says that they can share presentations on SharePoint. Manager B says that any hyperlinks that were in the original PowerPoint slide will no longer function. Who is correct?

A.Only manager A

B.Only manager B

C.Both managers

D.Neither manager


7. You're going to email a PowerPoint presentation to some colleagues. Before you email the file, you want to make sure all the linked objects in the presentation are up to date and mirror the data currently in their source documents. What must you do?

A.Open the presentation, click Update Links in the dialog box that pops up, and then save and close the presentation

B.Open the presentation, navigate one at a time to each slide containing a link, right-click on each link and select Hyperlink, and then save and close the presentation

C.Open the presentation, slect Object from PowerPoint's Inset tab, enable (check) the Display as icon check box, and then save and close the presentation

D.Open the presentation, slect Slide Sorter from PowerPoint's Slide Show, and then save and close the presentation


8. Although you want a sound to accompany a particular slide, you don't want the speaker icon visible on the slide during the slide show. What should you do?

A.Right-click the icon, select Edit Sound Object, and click OK

B.Drag the icon off the area of the slide that will appear in the slide show and into the border surrounding the slide

C.Slect the icon, press Ctrl + X, drop the mouse cursor in the slide's Notes field, and press Ctrl + A

D.Right-click the icon, select Custom Animation, and click OK


9. You want to specify the transitions between slides in your PowerPoint presentation. Which tab will display the Slide Transition options?

A.Edit Objects





10. What option on the Picture Tools can you use to trim away the amount of visible image in a piece of clip art?

A.Image Control

B.Line Style

C.Reset Picture



11. You've linked to an Excel bar chart on a PowerPoint slide. You want only the chart to appear on the slide and for the rest of the object to be invisible. What should you do?

A.Break the link, and edit the object in PowerPoint to turn the object's background color and border white

B.In Excel, specify White for the automatic background color and border

C.In Excel, specify No Fill on the Fill section and No Line on the Border color section

D.Break the link, and send the embedded object to the back of the slide


12. The address of a Web page is also know as its






13. On which tab/menu can you find the Hperlink command?






14. To convert an entire PowerPoint presentation into a video, you should use the

A.Share command from the File button

B.Slide Layout command from the File button

C.Package command from the File button

D.Video command from the File button


15. 2 technicians are discussing PowerPoint 2010. Technician A says that the slides'contents and notes for a presentation can be sent from PowerPoint to Word. Technician B says that the outline for a presentation can be sent from Word to PowerPoint. Who is correct?

A.Only technician A

B.Only technician B

C.Both technicians

D.Neither technician


16. Which of the following procedures would you use to open the source of a linked object in Power Point? Open linked object from the Office button

B.Pass the mouse over the linked object

C.Double-click the linked object

D.Right-click on the linked object, and select Update Link


17. Which of the following procedures would you used to resize an image embedded in a PowerPoint slide?

A.Select the image, and drag one of the handles on the image's frame

B.slect the image, select the Cropping tool, and drag one of the handles on the image's frame

C.Select the Reset Picture toll, and type in the frame's new dimensions

D.Right-click on the image, and select the Update Link option


18. Your mouse pointer appears as a four-point arrow while you're manipulating an image on a slide. You can then ___ the image.






19. Which of the following formats is valid for a sound file used in a PowerPoint presentation?

A. .avi

B. .mid

C. .rtf

D. .mov


20. When would you most likely want to use the Slide Sorter view?

A.When you want to ad notes to the presentations's first slide

B.When you want to reorder the slides according to when each was last edited

C.When you want to resize a piece of clip art you've already inserted

D.When you want to review the orider and general appearance of all the slides


NOTE: Please provide references for answers.