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Although Christianity was based on one book, there were many with different interpretations and perceptions of what the words in the bible truly meant. Another situation that caused a difference in viewing Christianity was the establishment of the cannon, the selection of the books that were going to make up the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 of the New Testament. The Gnostic gospels were not included in the New Testament. The church considered the Gnostic view as a crime because the church did not believe that Jesus taught discriminating teachings on salvation and aspects of the creation. The Gnostic believe that only “the spiritual mature could understand Jesus’ real teaching, that the kingdom of heaven was a present reality on through the realization of light.”
So as the church and theologies began to evolve so did interpretations of what was said in the bible. Many began to take specific scriptures and develop their own trend of doctrines and structures, for example; the way XXXXX XXXXXved his life and what he said. Another aspect that influenced division was the difference in language, culture and religion. The western side of the church began to centralize on the Roman pope and high officials, and the eastern side continued to regard high officials but only for organized spiritual purposes
So I believe that the biggest factor that has brought different denominations is interpretation, the way the bible is view. Many times this is an ongoing issue even in our own church because some see it this way and others see that way. It can become very confusing and many time cause more harm than good because it brings indifference even among each others.
Thx. I'll try and get to this in a few.

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