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Unit 1 Q.12 Some criminologists believe there is a difference

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Unit 1 Q.12
Some criminologists believe there is a difference in juvenile delinquency when race, gender, and social class are considered. How do these demographic differences affect delinquency? Do you believe there is a correlation of these demographic factors affecting juvenile delinquency? Provide a brief explanation as to why or why not.

Unit 2 Q.12
There are 5 dimensions of law-violating behaviors identified in the textbook that enable researchers to identify variables and patterns of juvenile crime. List and explain each dimension of law-violating behaviors.

Unit 4 Q.12
Evaluate and discuss the various sentencing structures used by the juvenile justice system. Is there a standard that should be used by all states? Please explain your response.

Unit 6 Q.12
Institutionalization is a painful process for most youthful offenders. Analyze and discuss at least three of the most troubling aspects of juvenile institutionalization.

Unit 7 Q.12
List and discuss the five factors that make youth a high risk for substance abuse. What are some of the consequences for youth who abuse alcohol and/or drugs? List three indicators that suggest someone may become involved in illicit drug use.

Unit 8 Q.11
The textbook discusses how professionalism affects juvenile justice. List and describe at least 4 things that still need to happen to further improve professionalism.

Unit 8 Q.12
Technology is finding its way into the juvenile correctional community and institution. Technocorrections is a term being used to describe these new technologies. Discuss at least 3 emerging technologies being considered for use in the juvenile community corrections environment.

Answers having 250-300 words with references please

Lani S. :

Hi, do you still need help in these questions. There are about 7 questions in this post so can you please indicate the date you needed the answers so I can tell you if i can help? Thanks.


Yes, I still need help in these questions.


They are needed by 20th of Feb at the latest.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX start working on this.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

are u still working on the questions?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your quick reply

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It being the 20th I was wondering if you were completed with the questions?

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