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Pls help Due on 02/15/12 wednesday As you know, advocacy

Resolved Question:

Pls help

Due on 02/15/12 wednesday

As you know, advocacy plays an important role in pubic health law and regulation; however, advocacy also plays a role at the local public health agency level, where public health professionals work to implement health interventions and educate their constituents.

Advocacy impacts all facets of the population, regardless of culture or socioeconomic status. Issues such as safe handling of food, lead levels in products, and handwashing practices in the health and food industry make a difference for every individual. Consider the importance of advocacy in public health and how advocacy may be used at your agency and/or on a project you are working on.


1) In your own words, what is the importance of advocacy in public health?

-I have to say that the effort to bring awareness and education to topics affecting the public, ex food, medical care, environmental pollutions, safety etc

2) How is advocacy used at your agency or on a project within your practicum setting?
-Advocacy is used at my agency because they are committed to delivering resources and education to consumers in various areas so that they can acchieve health prevention.


APHA Advocacy

Read through how the APHA supports advocacy efforts through grassroots efforts, as well as through impacting public policy.

The Community Guide
The Community Guide is sponsored by the CDC and offers many resources for preventative services. More specifically, the guide “summarizes what is known about the effectiveness, economic efficiency, and feasibility of interventions to promote community health and prevent disease.” Information on the site is divided by topic; explore a topic of interest to you for more information about advocacy in that area.

Heath Education Advocate: Shaping a Healthy America: A Decision-Making Guide
Submitted: 5 years ago.
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Expert:  DXJAnswerMagic replied 5 years ago.

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Thanks for your request! I can help!

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Working through this now.......A lot of these resources contian dead links:-(

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Your answers are here.

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